Why calls do not connect from Jio?

If you are using the revolutionary Reliance Jio then you must have noticed by now that it is a real pain to make calls from Jio and sometimes same happens when people call on your Jio number.

But why this is happening? Earlier Jio claimed that once they roll out services commercially, this problem will be solved. But it is already 15 days since the Jio launched. This problem seems to have no end.

Believing Jio, the operators like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea etc are not providing enough Interconnect points to calls or traffic coming from Jio. They have been accusing same from Day one.

Operators like Airtel etc are agreeing to this to some extent but also says that they do not have enough financial power to invest upon this.

As per reports, Reliance Jio has already paid Airtel enough to establish Interconnect points and Airtel agreed to increase the points by 3 folds. But as per Jio it is just 1/4th of their needs.

Interconnect points are something which allows a customer of Operator A to call a customer of Operator B. And the A pays the charges to B.

The calls from Jio are free, Jio says that their calls are from Data and hence they do not need to pay this charge.  Still, Jio is ready to pay a bit to operators for establishing additional interconnection points.

Whatever be the solution, Jio has to come with it out soon. Failing so they will turn a Data only provider and others might feel no competition in Voice business.


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