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Try and activate Vodafone “One time Trial packs” Mobile Internet

Vodafone One time trial pack provides 500MB 2G or 3G data for 7 days. Check the post to try it for a reasonable price.

After a lot of price hike in voice calls, SMS and data plans, now Vodafone has something interesting and unique for their users. For those users, who are still away from Mobile internet, Vodafone has launched One time Trial packs.


This offer is available for 2G as well as 3G subscribers of Vodafone. You can opt for the Trial pack for Rs 25 for 2G network and Rs49 for 3G network. Plans for both the network type will have bundled 500MB data. This plan is applicable for postpaid as well as prepaid subscribers.

If you want to try this plan, simply SMS Try to 111. You will get a confirmation message and the amount will be deducted form your mobile. You will get the confirmation message and options depending upon the plan and whether you are a postpaid or a prepaid subscriber.

The plan is customized to suit the internet usage pattern. For example, if you have a 3g phone but still you are a 2G mobile Internet user, then you will be given a 3G trial pack. There is no harm in trying this pack provided 1GB data plan costs almost 100Rs. So this is quiet reasonable with 7 days validity.

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