Unauthorized Request. Subscriber/Request have been barred Aircel Error. How to solve

Getting an error like Unauthorized Request. Subscriber/Request have been barred in Aircel? Then here’s how you can solve this.\r\n\r\nAircel has emerged as one of the best Internet providers in India. The Pocket Internet unlimited plan at 98 changed the way Indian used to use Internet in their cell phones and computers. This allowed them to use internet unlimited for a month. Aircel was the first company with a tagline “No conditions apply”.\r\n\r\nIn present times, Broadband Internet has become very popular and the cheap plans make sure that even middle class people can use it. There are many broadband providers with unlimited plans in range. Al tough use of broadband connections is increasing, we can’t use them all the time, specially in our cell phones. For those purposes, We do need a mobile Internet plan and Aircel suits the needs best when you do need an effective Internet connection for mobile phone.\r\n\r\nI keep roaming all the time from a place to another and I can’t find a broadband connection everywhere. Sometimes, it’s even hard to find 3G network coverage for a particular network, in those conditions, Aircel 2G internet is the best I can have.\r\n\r\nI have an Aircel SIM card, and I do connect it with laptop to use Internet when I visit my hometown. Everything was fine, until a day when I realized that I was having some problems in browsing Internet while using Aircel 2G internet connection. That problem was\r\n

Google Chrome opening sites starting from https:// only

\r\nThere was a strange error shown up for other website without SSL or without HTTPS and it was\r\n

Unauthorized Request. Subscriber/Request have been barred.

\r\nI tried Internet Explorer too, and the error I got was\r\n

Internet Explorer could not open the webpage you requested. The webpage you requested requires you to log in.

\r\nI couldn’t understand and I was just wondering what the problem could be, this was an error I had never seen before. So I was not aware about it, I called Aircel Customer care and they did not give any satisfactory answer.\r\n\r\nI was trying to configure the connection using the details my ISP (Internet Service Provider) have given me, the settings which I was using are shown in the screenshot below.\r\n\r\nAircel APN settings\r\n\r\nBeing really frustrated, I couldn’t decide what to do as it was a strange problem, later when I was randomly trying to change some settings, I just changed my APN from aircelgprs.com to aircelgprs and it worked. This seemed to be really a strange issue because there is nothing really different in aircelgprs and aircelgprs.com, but my task was done so I dint go much in the details. I thought to share it here for my readers. Hope it will be useful for you.

17 thoughts on “Unauthorized Request. Subscriber/Request have been barred Aircel Error. How to solve”

    1. What do you mean nothing happened? It has worked for hundreds of Aircel subscribers. In that case, you might need to configure your IP settings. Contact your customer care..

        1. If you are using Internet via an Android device, then you need to change in Mobile. If you are using it via Nokia mobile, then you need to change in computer.

  1. hi i am rohit & i am using idea net setter with aircel sim .. when i am trying to open any website on any browser (chrome,mozila etc) it shows “Unauthorized Request.Subscriber/Request have been barred.” \r\ni have already set the apn aircelgprs *99**1*1# ..but its not working .. please tell me what to do…

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