How to transfer balance from Uninor to Uninor mobile

Uninor got off to a great start in Indian telecom industry, but then the 2G scam pushed it back. Over the last couple of years, the company has been struggling to maintain the status, but users are still active in a few circles.

There are some user who have been searching for the procedure to transfer balance from uninor to another uninor mobile and till not, they were not getting an appropriate procedure to transfer balance in Uninor. Well, this post is for those people.

Conditions to transfer balance from Uninor to another Uninor mobile

  • The maximum balance you can transfer in total in a day is Rs 100.
  • You can transfer a max of Rs 100 to 1 mobile in a day and you can only transfer to one number once in a day.
  • The sender as well as the receiver number has to be active on Uninor network since at least 90 days.
  • You can send money for 3 times in a day to 3 different numbers.

How to transfer balance in Uninor

To transfer balance in Uninor, you will need to enter one USSD code. Make sure that the number you are transferring the balance to, is in active mode.

To transfer balance from Uninor to another Uninor mobile, dial *202*mobile number*amount# and then press the call button. It will take around 10 seconds and you will get the confirmation message on your screen.

Once you get the confirmation message, you can check on the mobile of another person and you will come to know that the balance has been transferred. However, you will be charged Rs 2 as the processing fee. Receiving the amount is free though.

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    but you perform your best network

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