How to transfer Balance from Aircel to Aircel number

Want to transfer balance from Aircel to another Aircel number? Check this post for the steps.

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If you are an Aircel customer, you can now transfer your balance to your friends number who is also on Aircel. This was launched long back and there are hell lot of people searching about this on Internet every single day, So I just thought to write a post about this.

There are however, some conditions if you want to transfer balance from an Aircel number to another Aircel number.

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Conditions to transfer Balance in Aircel

  • You can transfer a minimum of Rs 5 and a maximum of Rs 100 per transaction.
  • You can transfer balance to a single number only ones a day and the maximum amount which You can transfer in a single day is also Rs 100.
  • You need to be an active customer since at least 3 months before you can be eligible to transfer balance.
  • The guy who is receiving the balance at the other end should also be active on Aircel network for at least 30 days.
  • While sending and receiving the amount, the number should be in active mode.
  • Aircel is not responsible for loss of any amount in case of entering wrong mobile number.

How to transfer Balance in Aircel

To transfer Balance in Aircel, you simple need to dial *122*666# and then you will be taken to  wizard where you will be asked to enter the amount and the mobile number where you want to send the money. You will be charged flat Rs 2 for every transaction.

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I hope this was useful. If you have any doubt about anything related to telecom, feel free to ask me in the comments section and I will try my level best to solve that for you.

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