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You can continue using WhatsApp for free, Enjoy.

TRAI rejected the application of the telecom companies which was requesting to put some restrictions on the Instant Messaging applications like WhatsApp, We chat, etc. This decision of TRAI gave a big relief to all the IMs addicts. Not only this, TRAI also rejected the request of Telecom companies in which they were asking control over IMs own their own.

All Telecom companies a few week earlier combinedly requested TRAI to put a certain kind of restriction on WhatsApp and other IMs as they are loosing their revenue which they use to generate from SMS and even voice services. Telecom companies said that there are many applications which are now providing the Voice calling facilities over the Data connection. This kind of practices earlier gave a huge loss in SMS based revenue and now cracking down the Voice based revenue.
In simple words Telecom Companies was asking TRAI to put a kind of extra price tag for using this plan just like what we have seen in Blackberry services earlier. For using many BlackBerry services including BBM a BB user need to recharge with a special Data plan which cost really high. Though this system is now removed in BB 10 OS.

TRAI rejected the whole matter saying that if telecom companies are facing problems in revenue they can make it up by hiking the Data tariffs. There shall be no such rule from the TRAI and neither any Telecom company is allowed to do so. One of the senior official of TRAI said that they agree that telecom companies are facing loss in SMS revenues as comparing to past few years but they have made good earnings from Data in this same period of time, so they should not ask for such practices.

Well this is no doubt a good decision from TRAI. And telecom companies instead of doing such practices, should pay attention on Internet speed, customer satisfaction and their network availability.

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2 thoughts on “You can continue using WhatsApp for free, Enjoy.”

  1. My sim validity expired already.
    It shows sim inactive.
    Please give me any suggestions for re-activate my sim this sim is very important for me. I’m from Kerala.
    Please give me any suggestions…

  2. Can I get to avail watsapp facility on talk time recharge without putting internet pack?
    Pl let me know how the charges will apply.
    B S Naik pH 9449148520

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