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How to stop Flash messages from Reliance mobile

Users of Reliance Communications are experiencing one of the poorest telecom service in India. There are large number of frustrated reliance customers in India. Mostly, they are tried of Balance deduction, poor Internet speed and less network coverage but there are other reasons too.

Flash messages are other annoying elements. In brief Flash messages are messages that pops up on mobile screen without any input. They looks like a response of USSD code but they are not. Some people also call it Push messages. Reliance communications usually serve their RLive services in this Flash message and almost everything is chargeable there, on a single click.

Steps to stop flash messages from Reliance in Android smartphones

There are few simple steps for this.

  • Go to apps.
  • Go to SIM Toolkit. (In some mobiles its under different name, maybe RMenu)
  • There go to RLive.
  • Click on Activation.
  • Click on Deactivate and wait for few seconds. A flash message will popup saying RLive deactivated. Enjoy!!

Steps to stop flash messages from Reliance in Windows phone Smartphones

  • Go to settings.
  • Open Mobile+SIM.
  • Select the SIM (If Dual SIM Mobile).
  • There Click on SIM applications.
  • Click on RLive.
  • Click on activation and click Deactivate.
  • Wait a few seconds for the confirmation message and you are done.

Steps to stop flash messages from Reliance in Classic Nokia phones

Users of Basic Nokia phones gets most irritated due to this type of Messages as they need to open lock of the mobile with okay key which also activate the service. Also some mobile keeps Screen light on till the message is not attended manually.

Take the following steps

  • Go to Menu.
  • Open RMenu.
  • Click of RLive and click on Activation.
  • Now click Deactivate and wait a few seconds for the confirmation messages.

RLive Deactivate RLive Flash Messages deactivation

These steps are general and other mobile which are not mentioned here also has similar steps after you enter in RMenu.

Deactivation cost nothing and actually saves money too and many time user click accidentally on such messages and activate some poor useless service.


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