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Reliance Jio asks for more Powerful Airwaves

The upcoming Pan India 4G service provider in India, Reliance Jio asked DoT today for more Powerful Airwaves of MWB frequency. MWB is basically the frequency used to connect towers. According to a leading newspaper Reliance Jio wants MWB frequency in 6 and 7 GHz band on a “Priority” basis.\r\n\r\nReliance Jio\r\n\r\nMWB or Microwave BackBone frequency are the wavelengths with frequencies varying  between 0.3 GHz to 300 GHz. Reliance Jio was previously allotted 13 GHz and 18 GHz of MWA frequency carriers. But since it is not enough suitable for providing services in rural areas where towers need to be installed at longer distances.\r\n\r\n“We require at least two MWB frequency carriers of 28 MHz paired bandwidth each in the 22 service areas in the 6 and 7 GHz spectrum band for point-to-point microwave backhaul links,” the company said in a request to the DoT.\r\n“These being high frequency bands, the hop lengths are typically short due to the high atmosphere loss as well as high attenuation in rains. Therefore, their usage is limited to intra metro routes or for short distance backhaul only,” the company said.\r\n\r\nMukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio is making many effective efforts before launching their 4G services which would give them huge benefits in terms of Customer satisfaction. Recently Reliance Jio also got new Directors from the Ambani family itself.  With all these news coming daily level of curiosity is increasing in many telecom users and same are now eagerly waiting for the 4G launch by Reliance Jio.