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Porting your Number to other State will be possible soon!

If you are shifting to a new Telecom Circle (New State) in India and want to use the existing mobile number only, then its time to cherish a bit as it will soon be possible. TRAI’s Suggestion of Intra Circle MNP ¬†was accepted by Telecom Commission last day. And now the whole matter needs a formal approval of Honorable IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. If everything goes as per the plan users can use this service of One Nation-One Number from coming March 31.\r\n\r\nMobile-service-providers-india\r\n\r\nMNP facility was launched in 2011 which made it possible for customers to retain their existing Mobile number and port into other Telecom service provider’s network. But there was a restriction that this practice can be only done within one telecom circle.\r\n\r\nAccording to TRAI around 13 Crore subscribers have used the MNP facility and numbers are rising with time. Many customer use MNP when they are not happy with their existing TSP (Telecom Service Provider). But when someone shifts to a different telecom circle permanently and wants to retain his old number with him, there was no facility for this. In such scenario a customer usually drop his existing number or pay high roaming charges for retaining the number and using in different circle. Situation was worse for someone who was shifting to a circle where his existing service provider was not providing service. (For Example someone with is his Uninor number shifts to Rajasthan where Uninor don’t have their¬†service)\r\n\r\nThis suggestion from TRAI was first given to Telecom Commission a year ago but was rejected due to some issues in entry fees and MNP auction.\r\n\r\nPreviously DoT was not clear that new MNP process of National level should be given to the existing two companies only or a new auction should be invited. But now TRAI had suggested that the existing two companies (MNP Interconnection Telecom and Syniverse Technologies) must be allowed to perform this one nation one number MNP process and had also recommended that the no change or hike in entry fees, PBG and FBG (performance bank guarantee and financial bank guarantee) for these two MNP providers.\r\n\r\nThis move by Telecom Commission will surely be welcomed by everyone and hopefully from May 31 telecom users in India can port their number into any of the 22 Telecom circle in India.\r\n\r\n