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Tikona Broadband Latest Plans

Last Update:-  October 2016.

Tikona Broadband is the top brand name in the sector of Wireless Broadband provider list in India. Managed by Tikona Digital Networks, this company is serving a huge number of Broadband users across all the 25 cities of its coverage. Tikona broadband Latest plans are available in wide range  to select from them which are of different speed (bandwidth).

Currently, Tikona provides its service in the selected cities of India. They are:- Agra, Ahmadabad, Allahabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Indore, Jabalpur, Jaipur, Kanpur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Meerut, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Raipur, Rajkot, Surat, Vadodara, Varanasi, Vizag.

Tikona Broadband Latest Plans

Tikona Broadband Latest Plans


10 Mbps speed Tikona Broadband Latest Plans

Plan Name Speed Usage Rental Validity
 ADBB10M799  10 Mbps till 20 GB. 1Mbps afterwards. Unlimited Rs. 799 1 Month
 10 Mbps till 35 GB. 1Mbps afterwards Unlimited Rs. 999 1 Month
 ADBB10M1499 10 Mbps till 75 GB. Afterwards 1Mbps  Unlimited Rs. 1499  1 Month
 ADBB10M1999 10 Mbps till 130 GB. Afterwards 1Mbps  Unlimited Rs. 1999  1 Month


4 Mbps Tikona Broadband Latest Plans

UniFi Plans are long validity plans and you can do top-up recharges too over such plans to get more Data. 

Plan Name Speed Usage Rental Validity
 Unifi3999  4 Mbps.  60 GB Rs. 3999  6 Months
 —  —  —
 Unifi5999  4 Mbps  135 GB Rs. 5999  8 Months
 Unifi7999  4 Mbps  150 GB Rs. 7999  12 Months
 Unifi9999  4 Mbps  175 GB Rs. 9999  18 Months
 Unifi14999  4 Mbps  300 GB Rs. 14999  30 Months
BBM4M550_5GB  4 Mbps till 5 GB.  512 kbps afterwards.  Unlimited Rs. 550  1 Month
 BBM4M650 4 Mbps till 15 GB. 512 kbps afterwards.  Unlimited Rs. 650  1 Month

4 Mbps till 30 GB.512 kbps afterwards  Unlimited Rs. 750  1 Month

4 Mbps till 50 GB. 512 kbps afterwards.  Unlimited Rs. 950  1 month

4 Mbps till 80 GB. 512 kbps afterwards  Unlimited Rs. 1050  1 Month
 BBM4M1300 4 Mbps till 120 GB. 512 kbps afterwards.  Unlimited Rs. 1300  1 Month
 BBM4M1700 4 Mbps till 220 GB.  1Mbps afterwards.  Unlimited Rs. 1700  1 Month
 BBM4M2000 4 Mbps till 250 GB.  1Mbps afterwards.  Unlimited Rs. 2000  1 Month

2 Mbps Tikona Broadband Latest Plans

Plan Name Speed Usage Rental Validity
 ADBF2048K  2 Mbps. 40 GB Rs. 3300  6 Months
 2 Mbps till 10 GB. 512 Kbps afterwards. Unlimited Rs. 500 1 Month


1 Mbps and lower speed Tikona Broadband Latest Plans

(All these plans are likely to be suspended)

Plan Name Speed Usage Rental Validity
 ADBBM1M500  1 Mbps till 5 GB.256 kbps afterwards. Unlimited Rs. 500 1 Month
 1 Mbps till 20 GB.512 kbps afterwards Unlimited Rs. 650 1 Month
 ADBBM1M700 1 Mbps till 30 GB. Afterwards 512 kbps  Unlimited Rs. 700  1 Month


Plans Might vary for Bangalore, Vizag, Chennai and Coimbatore.

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Tikona Broadband Latest Plans

All the above mentioned Tikona Broadband Latest Plans are given with amount exclusive of the service tax.

All the above plans were updated with full care from our side. Plans are subject to change without any prior notice.

If you have any doubt you can ask us in the comment section below or write us at [email protected] .