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Airtel Postpaid : In Depth Review

Airtel is the leading Telecom service provider in India. Even after being GSM only TSP, Airtel is winning million of hearts with its reliable services and amazing network. Today we bring you the deep review of Airtel Postpaid services.

How Airtel Postpaid is Different?

Postpaid services by Airtel is now highly customizable. Earlier there use to be some plans to choose between, in which, you were having fixed benefits but now that is history. With Airtel, postpaid services are now super flexible. All credits of this flexibility go to Airtel’s MyPlan service and its MyPacks benefits.

What are Airtel MyPlan and MyPacks?

Airtel MyPlan is a postpaid plan of fixed monthly rental which includes several MyPacks in it. MyPacks are nothing else but a certain amounts of benefits in all the categories like 3G, 2G, Local minutes, STD Minute etc.

What is the value of one MyPack?

MyPack has different values in terms of different categories. Here is the complete list.

One 3G Data MyPack = 120 MB 3G Data.

One 2G Data MyPack = 240 MB 2G Data.

One local Minute MyPack = 90 Local Minutes.

One STDĀ Minute MyPack = 75 STDĀ Minutes.

One SMS MyPack = 200 Local & National SMS.

One Roaming MyPack = 40 Minute Outgoing call in Roaming.

One ISD MyPack = 5 Minutes UK/US/Canada calling.

Note:- The values of these myPacks can be different in different circles, above given are the values of Delhi NCR.

How does Airtel MyPlan work?

Initially, you have to select one myPlan among the 7 or 8 available. These my plans vary between 199 to 1599 INR. After selecting any myPlan (Suppose you have selected rs. 799 plan), select the myPacks from different desired categories. Plan 799 usually allow approx 30 myPacks (varies with Telecom circles).

You can also add several boosters like Night calling cards which are charged separately.

Here is a decent selection of MyPacks under 799 Plan.

myPlan Airtel Postpaid



Benefits of Airtel Postpaid MyPlan

  • Highly customizable.
  • Can be customized anytime in a month.
  • Decent benefits.
  • SMS alerts about the change in plans, if any.
  • Can start and stop many services by IVR or USSD itself.
  • Great Customer support.
  • Added benefits if you port in via MNP.

Limitations of Airtel Postpaid MyPlan

  • Can’t check how many minutes we have consumed.
  • Internet Data usage, however, can be tracked, but don’t provide real time results.
  • A bit more costly if compared to Reliance or Idea but they are not customizable.
  • MyPlan can’t be customized through my Airtel Application.
  • Late fee of Rs. 100 if you fail to pay bill on time, its just Rs. 10 in BSNL.

Quick and Overall Review of Airtel MyPlan

I have been using Airtel postpaid and its myPlan in Rajasthan telecom circle from last 3 months and I am pretty satisfied. I ported in from BSNL because of two main reason, its call drop problem over 3G networks and not friendly plan managing system (every-time I was supposed to go to the BSNL office for any change). My both problems were solved with Airtel and what I loved was its customized mode.

However, I know that I am paying a bit more for my plan as Reliance is offering similar things in less but I am a frequent traveler and Reliance is among the worst networks for travelers.


If you have any doubts or queries related to Airtel MyPlan then ask me in the comment section below.