T24 new SMS plan at Rs 29

T24 new SMS plan launched at Rs 29. Check inside for more details.

T24 today revised their one of the most popular SMS plans to ensure that they join the list of all those telecom providers who are hiking the data or SMS tariffs for the users.

Before a few days, TRAI (Telecom Regulation Authority of India) has announced that the SMS termination charge between all the service providers will be increased, as a result, the companies will have to pay more to the other telecom provider in order to maintain the balance and the deal, that would finally result in the hike of SMS plans.

In the announcement today, T24 revised the SMS plan which is priced at Rs 29. In the new plan, they will be providing 600 SMS which will be applicable as Local as well as National SMS. If you send over 100 messages on a particular day, every single message after first 100 messages will be charges at the rate of Rs 1 per local SMS and Rs. 1.5 per STD SMS.


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