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Hathway Broadband Plans for Surat

Last Updated in Dec 2014.

Surat is the second largest city of Gujarat state. Many Broadband internet providers provide their services in Surat. Hathway Broadband also  provide their wide range of services in wide area of Surat city. Plans range according to speed which lies between 600 Kbps to 15 Mbps. All the latest Hathway Broadband plans for Surat are given below.

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Hyderabad Hathway Broadband Plans

Unlimited Hathway Broadband Plans for Surat

Plan Speed Usage 1 Month rental 3 Month rental 6 Month rental 12 Month rental
New Ultra Stream 1 50 Mbps. 25 GB, speed 512 Kbps afterwards N/A  Rs. 2179 Rs. 3959 Rs. 7608
New Ultra Stream 2 50 Mbps 40 GB, speed 1.5 Mbps afterwards N/A  Rs. 3158 Rs. 5828 Rs. 11168
New Ultra Stream 3 50 Mbps 65 GB, speed 3 Mbps afterwards N/A  Rs. 3959 Rs. 7163 Rs. 13838
 FiberStream 1  25 Mbps. 512 Kbps after 20 GB  Unlimited NA  Rs. 1646 Rs. 3160 Rs. 5829
 FiberStream 2  25 Mbps. 512 kbps after 30 GB  Unlimited NA  Rs. 1914 Rs. 3693 Rs. 6720
 FiberStream 3  25 Mbps. 1 Mbps after 40 GB  Unlimited NA  Rs. 2714 Rs. 5118 Rs. 9657
 FiberStream4  25 Mbps. 2 Mbps after 60 GB  Unlimited NA  Rs. 3160 Rs. 6007 Rs. 11436

Day / Night Hathway Broadband Plans for Surat

Plan Speed Usage 1 Month rental 3 Month rental 6 Month rental 1 Year rental
 Night 2 Mbps  2 Mbps in night. 512 kbps in day  Unlimited Rs. 600  Rs. 1600 Rs. 2800 Rs. 5000
 Night 1 Mbps  1 Mbps in Night. 256 Kbps in day  Unlimited Rs. 500  Rs. 1250  Rs. 2200 Rs. 4000

Note :- Day Hours- 9 Am to 9 pm; Night Hours- 9 pm to 9 am.


Limited usage Broadband Plans

Plan Speed Usage 1 Year rental
 Data 32 GB  Upto 2 Mbps  32 GB Rs. 2900
 Data 72 GB  Upto 2 Mbps  72 GB Rs. 3500
 Data 160 GB  Upto 2 Mbps  160 GB Rs. 4000


Hathway Broadband Plans for Surat are given above. Hathway provide its Broadband services in various cities of India Viz. Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Surat, Pune, Goa, Vizag, Baroda, Aurangabad, Bhilai, Chandigarh. Above plans are for Delhi region only. To see plans of any other city click on home page and select broadband and city.

All the above plans were updated with full care from our side. Plans are subject to change without any prior notice.

If you have any doubt you can ask us in the comment section below or write us at [email protected]

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  1. I want to take new Wi-Fi plan For home what are plans available for surat and lastly. Your network is available in bhathena near around markentiles bank ?

    – eagerly Waiting for reply

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