Skyfire Reveals India 2G/3G Network users experience Stalling

Skyfire’s data shows that 83% of 3G network users are experiencing buffering issues while watching videos on mobile devices which is the reason for the mobile video traffic growth and it is also revealed that 40% of all video streams ran at only 300 Kbps, a very low speed where as HD video requires at least five to ten times more speed than this and the popular auto play videos in the vine and instagram apps require a much higher bitrate of 900-1300 Kbps.

Due to the Stalling of the videos, video buffering takes additional 10% time of the actual video time and 56% of videos of 3G network users in India experienced playback issues.


99% of 2G network users in India have experienced at least some stalling which is far more worse than the 3G networks. Skyfire conducted some tests regarding the buffering issues of the videos and 56% of the users experienced some video stalling and buffering issues which is leading to high video abandonment rates.

According to Cisco’s 2013 Visual Networking Index, it is revealed mobile data traffic in India may reach suddenly up to 900 petabytes by 2017, with 60% of data coming alone from mobile video. Youtube, India’s most popular video site announced earlier this year that 30% of the Youtube videos were being watched on mobile itself.

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