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BSNL selfcare Numbers and USSD codes

BSNL is the leading public sector telecom provider in India. They are always known for their valuable services and user friendly Customer service. BSNL provide its service in all the telecom circles of India except Mumbai and Delhi. BSNL give various methods to customers through which customers can know about various services available on their number. Below Given post contains all the Self care numbers and BSNL USSD codes.\r\n\r\nBSNL USSD codes\r\n

Various BSNL USSD codes


How To know the Main Balance & Validity Information in BSNL

\r\nDial *123#.\r\n

How To know Local SMS Balance & its Validity Information in BSNL

\r\nDial *123*1#.\r\n

How To know Voice Any Net Local/STD Balance (remaining Local/STD minutes) in BSNL

\r\nDial *123*2#.\r\n

How To know National SMS Balance & Validity Information in BSNL

\r\nDial *123*3#.\r\n

How To know FRC On-net Balance & Validity Information in BSNL

\r\nDial *123*4#.\r\n

How To Voice On-net Balance & Validity Information (BSNL to BSNL Minutes) in BSNL

\r\nDial *123*5#.\r\n

How To know GPRS Data Balance & Validity in BSNL

\r\nDial *123*6#.\r\n

How To know Voice On-net Local Balance & Validity in BSNL

\r\nDial *123*7#.\r\n

How To Night GPRS Data Balance & Validity in BSNL

\r\nDial *123*8#.\r\n

How To On-net Video Call Balance & Validity in BSNL

\r\nDial *123*10#.\r\n

Service/STV activation through SMS


How to activate SMS Pack through main balance in BSNL

\r\nFor activating a SMS pack through main Balance. Send a SMS ” HELP SMS ” and send it to 52244. Then select your voucher through incoming message.\r\n

How to activate Data Pack through main balance in BSNL

\r\nThere are 3 steps for activating a Data pack through main Balance depending on your state.\r\n


  • Send SMS  ”  HELP DATA  ”  to 53733.
  • \r\n

  • And wait for incoming message.
  • \r\n



  • SMS   ” STV DATA*recharge amount*  ” to 123.
  • \r\n

  • Suppose if recharge amount is 155 then send STV DATA155 to 123.
  • \r\n



  • SMS  ” STVHLP DATA  ”  to 123.
  • \r\n

  • Then follow the instructions on Incoming message.
  • \r\n

\r\n \r\n\r\nTo activate STV online, Click here.\r\n

How to activate Roaming Pack through main balance in BSNL

\r\nA convenient method of activating one day roaming pack is given here. Click here.\r\n\r\nYou can directly activate any STV with your main account balance. For doing such send SMS Keyword to 53733. To see keyword and recharge plans of your desired circle click here.\r\n\r\nBSNL is active all the below mentioned 21 circles. These all codes works for these circles. Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Arunanchal pradesh, Bihar Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir. Also  Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra  Goa, Manipur, Meghalya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand and West Bengal\r\n\r\nThe above methods and codes can be changed without any prior notice.\r\n\r\nIf you have any doubts you can ask us in comment section below or write it to us at [email protected] .

59 thoughts on “BSNL selfcare Numbers and USSD codes”

  1. Me and my wife have BSNL prepaid Nestham Plan. Both are active for more than 5 years. Now my number regularly giving communication trouble since six months even after changing the instrument. Given complaint several times. No solution found.Now,I wish to discard my sim card and transfer my balance Rs.600 to my wife’s cell. Please advise thru my mail.

  2. what is the ussd code for knowing last call charges. earlier it was *102#. now it is not working

  3. Me and my wife are using bsnl from years but unfortunately she got transferred to rajasthan from west bengal. I am staying at west bengal. The problem is that the recharge of 65 to make all local calls 15 paisa/sec is working on my wife’s number which is in roaming. But when i asked the customer care that whether the unlimited local pack will work or not? They ar saying that NO LOCAL PACK WILL WORK. But how is it possible ?? Rcharge of 65 is working then why r they saying it will not work?? Pls someone reply

  4. *123*1# not working. Getting message “Recharge card number very short”. My sim is prepaid. *123*2# also same result.

  5. from last some days self recharge service by sms help on 52244 is not working. if their is any alternate option is available then please tell ,\r\nwith regards,\r\najay

  6. I tried your fucking method of recharging your net pack through main balance “HELP DATA3 ” and instantly rs. 5 was deducted from my account. I’m from odisha . This is a bullshit site .

    1. Even i sent a SMS to requesting a data plan..but i dint get any reply..please look into dis issue..n let us know if der r ny updates regardin dem..

  7. Sir I have a new bsnl sim card purchase fm rajasthan but not activate yet .now I am in utter pradesh pls tell me how activate the bsnl sim .. reply pls

  8. BSNL FUll Form \r\n\r\nfor all User \r\n\r\nB- Bhai \r\nS- Saab\r\nN- Nahi\r\nL- Lagega\r\n\r\n\r\nwhy All OF you Trying . \r\n\r\nstop trying and change your network.

  9. What is ussd code to find under usage phone number???\r\nI bought a new sim card but I don’t its number ,, how to find ten digit number??

  10. how shall I activate data balance from main balance…i tried a lot by sending smsHELP DATA3 in 52244 but its not happening…

  11. Iam unable to use USSD Codes as I dial ,as it shows recharge card number length is wrong. So ,what can I do to make it right ?

  12. I was trying to know the data plan for offers. As I send HELP DATA3 to 52244, I didn’t get any reply.Can you fix it.? I definitely need this service as I am far away from city.

  13. i want to activate my sms pack i sent a mssg to 53733 first but i didn’t get a reply.what is the ussd code now to activate sms pack earlier it was 53733 but now it is not working kindly help me

  14. I forwarded “STV DATA 155” to 123. But not received any response. How to get the data pack from existing balance ?

  15. what is the used code for checking min plan …. yesterday I did recharge with 159 min recharge , given 350 lc n std min … but next day I m calling just few sec cnld my call ….plz help me ……

  16. Sir I want recharge data pack from my main balance. May u gave me short recharge code as soon as possibal. My sim is Tatanagar jharkhand.

  17. SMS ” STV DATA*recharge amount* ” to 123.\r\nSuppose if recharge amount is 155 then send STV DATA155 to 123.\r\nOR\r\nIss system se karne ke bad bhi \r\nApp ke Taraf se wrong messege aata hai

  18. How to deactivate main balance loss when data validity is expired. Currently Data charges are automatically deducted from main balance at exhorbitant rates without consumers consent

  19. USSD codes r not working . I’m getting response ” RECHARGE CARD NUMBER LENGTH IS WRONG “. Please fix this issues as soon as possible.

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  21. I did a recharge of Rs 190 today because i got a msg that my validity will expire on 23 march 2017. But still my validity is expiring on 23 march 2017. Please help

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