Reliance Jio 4G Long term review with LYF device

India’s most awaited Jio 4G is now about to open to the public, very soon. Jio is owned by Reliance Industries limited, a Mukesh Ambani company. Company started acquiring spectrum 6 years back and did that in the last auction too. It is by far the only company in the world with such huge investment even before launch.

Many of the Indian consumers are now waiting for JIO 4G to announce their launch for public. There is a hype too as JIO has a target to provide excellent Internet at most affordable rate. It also keeps Idea of Digital India in mainstream whenever asked about the intentions.

We thankfully got our Hands on JIO 4G a month back, now after very extreme tests and taking data from 10 Indian Telecom circles, we are in the state to comment and review the Reliance JIO.

Just in case you want to know the name of states we have covered with JIO connection, here they are :  Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh (Uttrakhand too) , Delhi NCR, Rajasthan, Andhra pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

How is Internet speed on Reliance JIO 4G?

All the time I was traveling I was being asked this question again and again. What is the Internet speed? How fast Reliance JIO 4G is?  Is reliance JIO 4G faster than Airtel? etc.    Reliance JIO 4G has to be fast and it was obviously faster than Airtel 4G but this does not mean that Airtel is knocked out.  I, or for this matter, no one can yet say that Reliance JIO washes out Airtel 4G. We must see the fact that JIO 4G users are just too limited as of now. Only Reliance employees and a few other guys have JIO connection. In my travel, I have been to places where I could feel that I was the only user of JIO network. Speeds were as fast as 60-70 Mbps all the time.

Reliance JIO 4G is definitely having that speed which is capable of defeating its rivals. But how that goes post launch is a major thing and we are yet to see that. But Yes, it will definitely give you the joy of having super fast Internet.

Remember there in no 2G and 3G in the game, Reliance Jio is all about 4G.

How is call Quality on Reliance JIO 4G?

The question of call quality would not be there if Jio was doing same old school voice call. But, Jio opts for calls via Voice over LTE (VoLTE). HD voice is the new thing that you may love in coming years.

Though I was not able to test much of HD voice experience as there was a lack of other JIO numbers but in the limited time which I got, I could easily notice that Call quality was a bit different. There was this enhanced voice kind of thing which makes you feel that the other person has sent you some sort of recorded voice with some high-quality Audio mic.

One more amazing thing that I noticed was time taken in connecting the call. From a Jio  to Jio the call gets connected like in 1 or 2 seconds. That is really really fast. Even while calling some non Jio number you will notice that time taken in connecting was less.

How about Video call on Reliance JIO 4G?

Video call will be another big thing once you find yourself in the ecosystem of Reliance JIO. Just like the normal calls you can make Video calls too. This can be done right from the phone dialer and it is so neat and sharp.  Though you might feel that you have done better Quality calls with Skype etc over High-speed line but still on a daily Basis Jio has better quality.

I will blame poor LYF devices here for giving that shitty slow performance. So unless you get an open or unlocked Jio SIM and use it in Good devices, you must not expect big in Video Calls at least.

How is Signal Strenght or Coverage of Reliance JIO 4G?

Frankly speaking, Signal Strenght and Coverage reminded me of Reliance Communications. They both were as bad as RCom had. RCom was however not having bad strength but Reliance JIO is bad there too.

But WAIT. Before you reach to any conclusion, let me tell you something. Delay in Reliance Jio’s full swing launch is credited to this reason.  Reliance JIO, to increase its signal strength and expand its coverage, partnered with RCom and will use their 850 MHz band to provide that long stretch connectivity.  This makes sense as 850 MHz band can travel more distance than any other higher bands.

In our tests, we were having no option to wait till this merger happens so we kept reviewing the already available things. There were a few major problems due to this signal strength issue. Data speed was varying way more than expected. With a drop of like just 5% of Signal, the Data speed falls 30-35% and with the loss of 15-20% signal you are left with just 35-40% of the speed you can get. This is never observed on other Telecom operator.

I will update this section once I get my hands on to the new merged network of Reliance JIO.

What are reviews of JIO Apps like Jio Chat, Jio Beats, Jio Mags, Jio Money etc?

Reliance Jio not only wants to bring in telecom company but also wants to create a JIO ecosystem and is leading towards that even before launch.  Apps like Jio Money, Jio Chat, Jio Beats etc are available to public from a long time now and they are getting regular updates which keep on increasing their worth. Though they are almost fully functional but we still have to wait if masses are ready to accept this new ecosystem and how they react to things.

With Jio Money having a lot of partners and Jio Beats having a lot of Music stuff they are in a position to take on their competitors but apps like Jio Play is just outstanding. It stands out of any of the existing live TV app and clearly wins the battle.

What are the Prepaid and Postpaid plans of Reliance JIO?

This is a question still unanswered. There is no comment by any official or nowhere Plans are written as of now. All the customers having a reliance Jio connection are enjoying everything for free as of now. Free 4G, Free Calls, Free roaming, Free SMS and even the Jio apps are free.

Yes, there will be both Prepaid and Postpaid connection types but as of now everyone is on a prepaid connection.

All the testing I have done was performed with a LYF device. At present, you need to have LYF device to use JIO connection. Here is a video explaining my experience with LYF Wind 4 and JIO.

If you have any doubt or want to ask anything which is not covered above please let me know in comments section below. I will revert ASAP.

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  • No doubt Reliance jio is now high demanding in mobile & cellular market in India. but, can Reliance cover their network full (Villages & Cities) in India? or, they try to cover only main city of India under 4G. Bcoz, Now I am Living at Dibiyapur (Uttar Pradesh, Dist: Auraiya). here reliance hasn't completely covered their 2G network and we are using via manual network TATA DOCOMO. how may we expect Reliance 4G here?

    • This is not that same reliance which is having 2G and 3G now. That is reliance communication and this is Reliance Jio. Jio might not cover villages but if you are in a town then expect Jio to be there

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