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Reliance GSM new data plans

Reliance launched new data plans for their users across the country. Check inside for new Reliance data plans.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nJoining the list of all the price hikers in the industry, Reliance communications hiked the price of the data packs of Reliance GSM. The trend of data price hike was started by Airtel. The company reported a dip in their revenue and suggested that it could be a better option if they hike the plans and call rates, so that they can be able to make up to the lose. Once Airtel started this trend, it was followed by almost all the GSM operators in India, and now Reliance becomes the latest member of this list. Below are the new data plans by Reliance GSM after the recent price hike.\r\n\r\nBelow is a list of all the data packs by Reliance\r\n\r\nReliance-gsm-data-pack\r\n\r\nNote that this list has been gathered from different states list. Please confirm the price of net pack before recharging.\r\n\r\n 

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