Recharge on the go : Uninor launches Auto-Recharge in Maharastra and Goa

Uninor recently launched vistual stores in Auto Rickshaw. Now recharge your Uninor phone with Auto-Recharge anywhere, anytime.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nComing out with something innovative, Uninor launched Auto-Recharge. This is a unique initiative which has been launched officially in Maharastra and Goa. Under this scheme, Uninor will train the auto drivers to recharge the cell phones of their customers. It will be providing seamless experience to the users of all age group and people of all levels.\r\n\r\nThe Auto drivers will be trained with the full information about all the recharges. The biggest benefit of this service will be that users wont need to go and find the stores to recharge and auto drivers too will enjoy the free commission they get after recharge.\r\n\r\nUninor recently started this scheme with 10 auto drivers from Vishrantwadi Rickshaw Union. They have been trained well about the schemes and will regularly be updated with the new schemes coming up. In near future, Uninor is planning to add at least 1000 auto drivers with them to ensure maximum coverage of Auto-Recharge.\r\n\r\nSpeaking to media, the circle head of Uninor for Maharastra and Goa said “I am delighted to announce the launch of ‘Auto Recharge’; this is being done for the first time in the city by any telecom company. We have received an overwhelming response from the auto rickshaw drivers with an increasing number showing a keen interest to join the program. In the next six months, we will add a thousand auto rickshaws in order to provide seamless experience to our valued customers. It also makes us satisfied contributing to the society and help better the lives of at least some in our community through our business.”

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