Prepaid Base Tariffs For tata Docomo customers increased to 2paisa/Sec

Tata Docomo recently hiked their base tariff rates to 2paisa/sec. Check the article for more detail.

Mobile companies are in the middle of a great period. Hiking in every single service like Voice calling, SMS, data plans is boosting their profits and that is what the companies wanted before a few months when there was an official statement from the MD of a reputed Indian telecom company that the competition in the field to reduce call and SMS rates had a big impact on the profits of those companies.

When Tata Indicom had signed a deal with NTT Docomo, they had promised to change the telecom industry and they did it to some extent, after becoming the first company to launch per second plans, Docomo had given seriously good hopes to the customers about a prosperous future at least from the telecom sector. But the over competition and the desire to make more profit is seriously ruining the competition.

Mobile companies are now competing for increasing the tariffs to ensure the maximum profit and TRAI is nowhere to interfere. In one such move, Tata Docomo increased their base tariffs for new as well as existing customers.

If you have recharged with some rate cutter, then post expiry, your call tariffs will be 2p/sec and this will be the base tariff for every single new customer. In regard to comply with the TRAI (Telecom Regulation Authority of India), Docomo has issues a notice in all leading news papers which can be found below.


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