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MTS launched MSecure security cameras with D-Link : Hands On review

MTS who is visibly active in 8 telecom circles of India today announced their new security service MSecure. MTS is now providing remote accessible wireless security cameras in India. All the security devices powered by MTS are designed and manufactured by D-Link. MTS gone through a very Innovative idea with this service.\r\n\r\nMSecure Front\r\n

What MTS MSecure do?

\r\nA rare question in everyone’s mind about the device. MTS MSecure security camera provides security surveillance to you for your Home Office or other places. MSecure camera will always be connected to a Internet connection and will share its live recording (Audio+Video) to you on your Laptop, Android and iOS device through D-Link Cloud App.\r\n

How MTS MSecure work?

\r\nThis question will be the first query in everyone’s mind after hearing this announcement of MTS. Well the concept is very simple. You will get a D-Link camera powered by MTS which will be electrified by a power cable. You can place the camera anywhere you want. The camera will be connected to a wireless device given with it or you can connect it to a LAN with the slot given behind it. It will send its all the recordings to your D-Link address and will then surpass to your Laptop, Android and iOS device through D-Link Cloud App.\r\n\r\nMTS MSEcure faetured official pic\r\n

Our Hands on Review

\r\nOne of our Telecom Analyst – Gagan Choudhary got a chance to do Hands on Review of the D-Link DCS-933L today. The device is built well and almost do what it promise. It records decent quality video and send it to your D-Link IP. You can operate the various functions of the camera such as activating Night Vision, Zooming in or Out, Camera On or Off, Mic On or Off. etc. A few drawback we noticed are that the camera do not work over battery. In case the device loose the power connectivity the camera will not function. Though the Night vision mode is given but since the device have only four Infrared lights you can’t get a long distance vision with it. We hope MTS and D-Link will further launch a powerful night vision device.\r\nWe have recorded a Video of the demonstration which you can see by clicking here.\r\n\r\nMSecure Side look\r\n

Features of the camera.

\r\nThere are two different models of the device available right now for this service. Specifications of both the device are given Below.\r\nMTS MSecure Security camera\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nMSecure Demo StandMSecure Back look\r\n

Price and Availability

\r\nThe Device is Available on MTS website you can get it from there. You ca also get it from Authorized MTS retailer. Iy you are from Jaipur you can Contact Mr. Raj Sharma (01415131058) to order and to get More Information of the device. Below given are the price of Both the Devices MTS MSecure Security Camera

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