MTS new rate cutters priced at Rs 24 and 54

MTS launched 2 new STVs priced at Rs 24 and 54 in West Bengal. Check inside to know more about MTS new rate cutters.

MTS has launched 2 new rate cutters in one of the most busy circle i.e. Kolkata and West Bengal. In a recent announcement, it was announced that MTS will give their users Local and STD calls at 1Paisa/2Sec.

After a decision by TRAI a few weeks back, all the telecom operators had to reduce the validity of their STVs to 90 days max. There were a few operators which announced to hike the call rates to get more revenue, but at that point of time MTS has come up with new STVs to reduce the call rates and to provide the best and cheapest call rates to their customers.

According to the new announcement, there are 2 new STVs. One is priced at Rs 24 which will give Local calls at 1Paisa/Sec for 60 days, and the other STV is priced at Rs 54 which will give STD calls at 1Paisa/2Sec (30Paise/min) for 90 days. If you have any doubt to clarify, call customer care at 155 to know more.

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    1. You can try Loop Mobile or Tata Docomo in Mumbai. They do have the best STD and Local call rates in Mumbai.

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