Latest SMS Plans for Reliance CDMA/GSM customers

A time was there when the SMS plans were so cheap and flexy that all of the Indians were addicted to the message chats and started preferring texts instead of calls. But the time never remains the same. The soon a daily limit was set for SMS to  put a rein on bulk spam messages. Since then the SMS plans have started getting costly and they are increased around 50-75% of their initial prices. The Messenger Apps like WhatsApp came out as alternative of normal texts but due to GPRS based services they too have limited reach.\r\n\r\nMost of the telecom operators have no  such SMS plans which allow a customer of them to send free messages. But still the leading Telecom Operators like Reliance, Airtel, Idea are still having a few SMS plans which give limited free SMS to send. The SMS plans of Reliance Mobile are given Below.\r\n\r\n \r\n

Reliance GSM/CDMA SMS Plan 19

\r\nThis plan will get activated on your GSM/CDMA reliance mobile number with a recharge of Rs. 19. The plan will reduce your messages tariff to 5p/SMS on local reliance number and 15p/SMS on other network phone number. The plan will be valid for the next 4 weeks from the date of recharge.\r\n

Reliance GSM/CDMA SMS Plan 39

\r\nThis is one of the oldest SMS plan and most of the Reliance GSM customers must be familiar with this. But it has also gone through many changes with time. On a recharge of 39 the plan gets activated and in return you get 500 free SMS for Local and National numbers of any network for the next 4 weeks of recharge date.\r\n

Reliance GSM/CDMA SMS Plan 44

\r\nThis plan is actually a combo plan which provides you free SMS and a few local on-net minutes. With a recharge of just Rs. 44 you will get this plan activated on your number. The benefits you will get are 500 local/national SMS on any network + 44 local minutes free on any Reliance number. The pack has a validity of 4 weeks from the date of recharge.\r\n

Reliance GSM/CDMA SMS Plan 63

\r\nThis is the SMS plan which provides the highest number of free messages to a Reliance customer. The plan gets activated with a recharge of Rs. 63 and allows the user to send 850 free SMS local/national to any network. This plan has a validity of 4 weeks from the date of recharge.\r\n\r\nThe daily limit of sending messages from a number is limited to 100SMS/day.\r\nThe above plans are subject to change without any prior notice.\r\nThe above plans are base plans for Rajasthan circle only. The recharge in your circle may differ by + or – 1/2/3 INR.\r\nFor more details call toll free no. 18001003333.

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