MTS to MTS balance transfer, Loan service etc.

The largest CDMA player of India and also the best rated Data card ISP of India MTS is serving all total 9 Circles at present. Its services were cut down by supreme court due to 2G scam. Even after that major financial breakdown MTS is still growing and is popular even in rural areas. Just like other telecom service providers MTS also offers services like MTS to MTS Balance transfer, Talktime loan, Emergency SOS, Gift recharge etc.

How to transfer balance from MTS to MTS ?

To transfer balance from MTS number to MTS number you should follow the process given below.

  • Open ‘Write message’ and type
  • SHARE<space>AMOUNT<space><Friends number> (Example.   SHARE  25  9667123456  )
  • Send it to 52529.

Charges for balance transfer are as follows.

MTS to MTS balance transfer charges

How to ask you friend for Talktime Balance ?

You can even ask your friend for gifting you Talktime or balance. For asking balance you should follow the process given below.

  • Open ‘Write message’ and type
  • ASK<space>AMOUNT<space><Friends number> (Example.   ASK  25  9667123456  )
  • Send it to 52529.

50p per transaction will be charged.

How to gift recharge to other MTS number ?

MTS provide a very unique service. Now you can gift a STV or recharge to any MTS number. To gift or Make a recharge follow these steps.

  • Open ‘Write message’ and type
  • GIFT<space>AMOUNT<space><Friends number> (Example.   GIFT  25  9667123456  )
  • Send it to 52529.

Charges of gift recharge by MTS are.

MTS gift recharge transaction charges

How to send Call me back message on MTS ?

When you don’t have talktime to make a call. MTS give you power to ask your friend to call you back by sending a message to him.


  • Open ‘Write message’ and type
  • CMB<space><Friends number> (Example.  CMB  9667123456  )
  • Send it to 52529.

Charges of Call me back feature by MTS are.

call me back MTS tracscation charge


How to send Emergency SOS SMS from MTS number ?

In case for emergency situation MTS give you power to notify your friends  about it. To make Emergency SOS these are the steps and conditions.

MTS emergency SOS

How to take loan in MTS ?

MTS offer loan service for the customers who are out of balance and want to make call or SMS.

Process to take loan in MTS is very simple. To use Loan service type LOAN and send to 52529.

Above given were the various selfcare features in MTS. Our site also help you to find all the recharges of MTS for your state. Please visit once by clicking here or by clicking home page and enjoy our free services.

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