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Why calls do not connect from Jio?

If you are using the revolutionary Reliance Jio then you must have noticed by now that it is a real pain to make calls from Jio and sometimes same happens when people call on your Jio number.

But why this is happening? Earlier Jio claimed that once they roll out services commercially, this problem will be solved. But it is already 15 days since the Jio launched. This problem seems to have no end.

Believing Jio, the operators like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea etc are not providing enough Interconnect points to calls or traffic coming from Jio. They have been accusing same from Day one.

Operators like Airtel etc are agreeing to this to some extent but also says that they do not have enough financial power to invest upon this.

As per reports, Reliance Jio has already paid Airtel enough to establish Interconnect points and Airtel agreed to increase the points by 3 folds. But as per Jio it is just 1/4th of their needs.

Interconnect points are something which allows a customer of Operator A to call a customer of Operator B. And the A pays the charges to B.

The calls from Jio are free, Jio says that their calls are from Data and hence they do not need to pay this charge.  Still, Jio is ready to pay a bit to operators for establishing additional interconnection points.

Whatever be the solution, Jio has to come with it out soon. Failing so they will turn a Data only provider and others might feel no competition in Voice business.


New and better version of JioFi launched.

WiFi device of Reliance Jio i.e. JoiFi recently got a new version. This one is a good upgrade compared to JioFi 2 which came to the market just a month back.

New JioFi comes with an OLED display and bigger battery.  One can connect upto 10 devices with this and can make calls using Jio4GVoice app from any Android or iOS device.

Customer gets Welcome offer with this device also where calls are free and Data is unlimited but with a cap of 4 GB 4G data only.

It is better than the previous version because of the bigger battery powering it. It is having a 2600 mAh battery. This one is also designed in India.

Price is also reasonable. You can get this just by spending Rs 1999. Looks like Jio learned the pricing lesson with the previous JioFi 2, which was priced at Rs 2899 first but soon Jio realized the mistake and brought it down to Rs 1999.

This is now looking a good deal and value for money. Though the device is yet not listed but many of the media persons are reporting that it is available in many cities already.

Here is the Image of device as posted by PhoneRadar:


You can click here and know more about the JioFi from the Jio website itself.

Reliance Jio Prepaid and Postpaid plans

India’s Biggest Telecom launch happened recently. Jio, owned by Mukesh Ambani’s RIL commercially rolled out for common people on 5th of Sept 2016.

They launched Pan India 4G services after testing if for a 1 year.  There were many challenges regarding network strength which was sorted out by using bands of RCom, a family rival.

Though Reliance will not charge you till 31st December but we already know what are the plans for Prepaid and Postpaid.

Prepaid plans of Reliance Jio 4G

Prepaid Combo Plans 19

Cost: Rs 19

Voice calls Free :- Local and STD

Data 4G:-  100 MB + Unlimited 4G between 2- 5 am.

Wifi Data:  200 MB (Jionet)

Jio Apps:  Free

SMS: Free Local and STD

ISD calls:  NIL

Validity: 1 Day


Prepaid Combo Plans 129

Cost: Rs 129

Voice calls Free :- Local and STD

Data 4G:-  750 MB + Unlimited 4G between 2- 5 am.

Wifi Data:  1500 MB (Jionet)

Jio Apps:  Free

SMS: Free Local and STD

ISD calls:  NIL

Validity: 7 Days


Prepaid Combo Plans 149

Cost: Rs 149

Voice calls Free :- Local and STD

Data 4G:-  300 MB + Unlimited 4G between 2- 5 am.

Wifi Data:  700 MB (Jionet)

Jio Apps:  Free

SMS: 100 Local and STD

ISD calls:  NIL

Validity: 28 Days


Prepaid Combo Plans 299

Cost: Rs 299

Voice calls Free :- Local and STD

Data 4G:-  2 GB + Unlimited 4G between 2- 5 am.

Wifi Data:  4 GB (Jionet)

Jio Apps:  Free

SMS: Free Local and STD

ISD calls:  NIL

Validity: 21 Day


Prepaid Combo Plans 499

Cost: Rs 499

Voice calls Free :- Local and STD

Data 4G:-  4 GB + Unlimited 4G between 2- 5 am.

Wifi Data:  8 GB (Jionet)

Jio Apps:  Freeq

SMS: Free Local and STD

ISD calls:  Rate cutter applicable

Validity: 28 Days


Prepaid Combo Plans 999

Cost: Rs 999

Voice calls Free :- Local and STD

Data 4G:-  10 GB + Unlimited 4G between 2- 5 am.

Wifi Data:  20 GB (Jionet)

Jio Apps:  Free

SMS: Free Local and STD

ISD calls:  Rate Cutter applicable

Validity: 28 Days


Prepaid Combo Plans 1499

Cost: Rs 1499

Voice calls Free :- Local and STD

Data 4G:-  20 GB + Unlimited 4G between 2- 5 am.

Wifi Data:  40 GB (Jionet)

Jio Apps:  Free

SMS: Free Local and STD

ISD calls:  30 Minutes free + Rate Cutter applicable

Validity: 28 Days


Prepaid Combo Plans 2499

Cost: Rs 2499

Voice calls Free :- Local and STD

Data 4G:-  35 GB + Unlimited 4G between 2- 5 am.

Wifi Data:  70 GB (Jionet)

Jio Apps:  Free

SMS: Free Local and STD

ISD calls:  50 Minutes free + Rate Cutter applicable

Validity: 28 Days


Prepaid Combo Plans 3999

Cost: Rs 3999

Voice calls Free :- Local and STD

Data 4G:-  60 GB + Unlimited 4G between 2- 5 am.

Wifi Data:  120 GB (Jionet)

Jio Apps:  Free

SMS: Free Local and STD

ISD calls:  80 Minutes free + Rate Cutter applicable

Validity: 28 Days


Prepaid Combo Plans 4999

Cost: Rs 4999

Voice calls Free :- Local and STD

Data 4G:-  75 GB + Unlimited 4G between 2- 5 am.

Wifi Data:  150 GB (Jionet)

Jio Apps:  Free

SMS: Free Local and STD

ISD calls:  100 Minutes free + Rate Cutter applicable

Validity: 28 Days


NOTE: There will be 25% of Extra Data for Students on all the plans. 


Jio 4G Banner


Postpaid plans of Reliance Jio 4G

Postpaid 149 Plan

Cost:  Rs 149 without Taxes

Voice Calls: Free local and STD.

Data: 300 MB 4G + Unlimited between 2 amd to 5 am.

Wifi Hotspot: 700 MB free on Jionet.

Jio Apps: Free.

SMS: Free (100 a day as per TRAI)


Validity: One month Cycle.


Postpaid 499 Plan

Cost:  Rs 499 without Taxes

Voice Calls: Free local and STD.

Data: 4 GB 4G + Unlimited between 2 amd to 5 am.

Wifi Hotspot: 8 GB free on Jionet.

Jio Apps: Free.

SMS: Free (100 a day as per TRAI)

ISD: Rate Cutter Applicable.

Validity: One month Cycle.


Postpaid 999 Plan

Cost:  Rs 999 without Taxes

Voice Calls: Free local and STD.

Data: 10 GB 4G + Unlimited between 2 amd to 5 am.

Wifi Hotspot: 20 GB free on Jionet.

Jio Apps: Free.

SMS: Free (100 a day as per TRAI)

ISD:  Rate Cutter Applicable.

Validity: One month Cycle.


Postpaid 1499 Plan

Cost:  Rs 1499 without Taxes

Voice Calls: Free local and STD.

Data: 20 GB 4G + Unlimited between 2 amd to 5 am.

Wifi Hotspot: 40 GB free on Jionet.

Jio Apps: Free.

SMS: Free (100 a day as per TRAI)

ISD: 30 Minutes + Rate Cutter Applicable.

Validity: One month Cycle.


Postpaid 2499 Plan

Cost:  Rs 2499 without Taxes

Voice Calls: Free local and STD.

Data: 35 GB 4G + Unlimited between 2 amd to 5 am.

Wifi Hotspot: 70 GB free on Jionet.

Jio Apps: Free.

SMS: Free (100 a day as per TRAI)

ISD: 50 Minutes + Rate Cutter Applicable.

Validity: One month Cycle.


Postpaid 3999 Plan

Cost:  Rs 3999 without Taxes

Voice Calls: Free local and STD.

Data: 60 GB 4G + Unlimited between 2 amd to 5 am.

Wifi Hotspot: 120 GB free on Jionet.

Jio Apps: Free.

SMS: Free (100 a day as per TRAI)

ISD: 80 Minutes + Rate Cutter Applicable.

Validity: One month Cycle.


Postpaid 4999 Plan

Cost:  Rs 4999 without Taxes

Voice Calls: Free local and STD.

Data: 75 GB 4G + Unlimited between 2 amd to 5 am.

Wifi Hotspot: 150 GB free on Jionet.

Jio Apps: Free.

SMS: Free (100 a day as per TRAI)

ISD: 100 Minutes + Rate Cutter Applicable.

Validity: One month Cycle.


All the above plans will start from 1st Jan 2017. Till then services are free for all. A Cap of 4GB data daily is applicable During this free period.

Plans are applicable in states or Telecom circles of Rajasthan, Karanataka, Kerela, UP east, UP west (Including Uttrakhand), Bihar (Jharkhand), Madhya Pradesh (Chattisgarh), Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Tamilnadu,  Andhra, Telangana,  Maharashtra, West bengal,  Delhi NCR,  Assam, North East states, Orrisa and Jammu and Kashmir.

Reliance Jio preview offer extends for HP users but with a condition

India’s Most awaited Telecom company Reliance Jio is yet to see a commercial launch but its popularity is at peak. While a few people still think it’s the same of Reliance Communication with a 4G service but many of us know that this Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio is here to stay.

People started experiencing Jio 3 months ago with the purchase of a LYF device and then it was extended to Samsung high-end device users a few weeks ago.

There was a bug in the app which gave access to many other smartphone users too but Jio sorted that out soon.

Now HP customers are allowed to use Jio SIM with Jio preview offer. But this is not like earlier offers. User of any HP laptop will get a code via SMS and he needs to walk to Reliance Digital and purchase a JioFi device. Yes, you need to buy a JioFi device worth Rs. 2899 to get access to the Unlimited 4G of Reliance Jio.

Also, you will not be able to use HP Jio preview sim in any device apart from the JioFi device.

On a practical side, this offer brings you unlimited 4G at a cost of Rs 1000 per month.

Since RJIL is all set to launch themselves in full swing with a month or two, expecting that this 3-month offer will get extended is not fair.

We have used a Jio MiFi and it was an easy thing to operate  along with the ability to make calls with JioJoin app on a phone connected to that WiFi hotspot.

Some users reported that Reliance Digital is asking for the Bill of the HP product you purchased but it is not really required. You can try at some other digital store in such case.

Reliance Jionet 4G Wifi hotspot in Jaipur

Reliance Jio 4G is having WiFi hotspot in many cities in Rajasthan. In Jaipur itself, there is approx 20 WiFi hotspot where you can go and enjoy free WiFi at amazing speed.

Here is a list of all those Hotspot along with the address.

Jionet WiFi Hotspot in Civil Lines

Address:- Near CM house, Civil Lines, Jaipur.

Jionet WiFi Hotspot in C Scheme

Address:- Near Swasthya Bhawan, Tilak Marg, C-Scheme, Jaipur.

Jionet WiFi Hotspot at MI road

Address:- Opposite Anand Bhawan, Sansar Chandra road, Government Hostel, Jaipur.

Jionet WiFi Hotspot at Collectorate Circle

Address:- Near Traffic Police Chowki, Collectorate Circle, Jaipur.

Jionet WiFi Hotspot in Vidhyadhar Nagar

Address:- Tiraha, Near Biyani Girls College, Khaitan Hospital road, Jaipur.

Address:- Central Spine, Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur.

Jionet WiFi Hotspot at Badi Choupad

Address:- Manak Chowk, Badi Choupad, Johri Bazar, Jaipur.

Jionet WiFi Hotspot at Bhawani Singh road

Address:- Bhawani singh road, near Rambagh circle, Jaipur

Jionet WiFi Hotspot in Vaishali Nagar

Address:- Near Daily Booth 4382, Opp Nursery park, Vaishali nagar, Jaipur.

Address:- Near Kanha Restaurant, Queens Road, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur.

Jionet WiFi Hotspot at Ajmer road

Address:- Near Jio Center, Prince road, Vidhyut Nagar, Jaipur

Address:- Elements Mall, Ajmer road, Jaipur.

Jionet WiFi Hotspot in Shyam Nagar, Sodala

Address:- Dana Pani Restaurant, Nirman nagar road, Jaipur.

Jionet WiFi Hotspot at Gujjar ki thadi, Gopalpura Bypass

Address:- Near Taluka Furniture, Gurjar ki thadi, Gopalpura Bypass, Jaipur.

Address:- Main Gopalpura Bypass, Near Mahesh Nagar police Station, Jaipur.

Jionet WiFi Hotspot at Gandhinagar Railway station

Address:- Opposite Satnam honda, Near Gandhinagar Railway station second gate, Jaipur.

Jionet WiFi Hotspot at Jawahar Circle

Address: Opposite Jawahar circle gate, Near Sulabh complex, JLN marg, Jaipur.

Jionet WiFi Hotspot in Murlipura

Address:- Kedia Place, Murlipura scheme, Opposite Shree Ram apartment, Jaipur.

Jionet WiFi Hotspot in Jhotwara

Address: Near Shanti Marriage garden, 80 ft road, Brijmandal colony, Jaipur.

Address: Joshi marg crossing, Sanjay nagar, Jhotwara, Japiur

Jionet WiFi Hotspot in Vishwakarma Area

Address:- Sun N Mall, Road No. 1, Vishwakarma Area, Jaipur.

Jionet WiFi Hotspot at Agra Road

Address: Cambay Golf resort, Agra Road, Jaipur.


These are all the Jio network sites having free 4G speed WiFi hotspot. All you need to do is Visit the location as near as 10-15 meters to tower and check for “Jionet” wifi in mobile or laptop. Then connect to it. Enter your number and then OTP which you will get on mobile. It is done, enjoy super fast internet.

If you see that any site is missing here please help with its address in Comment section below.


Reliance Jio 4G Long term review with LYF device

India’s most awaited Jio 4G is now about to open to the public, very soon. Jio is owned by Reliance Industries limited, a Mukesh Ambani company. Company started acquiring spectrum 6 years back and did that in the last auction too. It is by far the only company in the world with such huge investment even before launch.

Many of the Indian consumers are now waiting for JIO 4G to announce their launch for public. There is a hype too as JIO has a target to provide excellent Internet at most affordable rate. It also keeps Idea of Digital India in mainstream whenever asked about the intentions.

We thankfully got our Hands on JIO 4G a month back, now after very extreme tests and taking data from 10 Indian Telecom circles, we are in the state to comment and review the Reliance JIO.

Just in case you want to know the name of states we have covered with JIO connection, here they are :  Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh (Uttrakhand too) , Delhi NCR, Rajasthan, Andhra pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

How is Internet speed on Reliance JIO 4G?

All the time I was traveling I was being asked this question again and again. What is the Internet speed? How fast Reliance JIO 4G is?  Is reliance JIO 4G faster than Airtel? etc.    Reliance JIO 4G has to be fast and it was obviously faster than Airtel 4G but this does not mean that Airtel is knocked out.  I, or for this matter, no one can yet say that Reliance JIO washes out Airtel 4G. We must see the fact that JIO 4G users are just too limited as of now. Only Reliance employees and a few other guys have JIO connection. In my travel, I have been to places where I could feel that I was the only user of JIO network. Speeds were as fast as 60-70 Mbps all the time.

Jio 4G Speedtest

Reliance JIO 4G is definitely having that speed which is capable of defeating its rivals. But how that goes post launch is a major thing and we are yet to see that. But Yes, it will definitely give you the joy of having super fast Internet.

Remember there in no 2G and 3G in the game, Reliance Jio is all about 4G.

How is call Quality on Reliance JIO 4G?

The question of call quality would not be there if Jio was doing same old school voice call. But, Jio opts for calls via Voice over LTE (VoLTE). HD voice is the new thing that you may love in coming years.

Though I was not able to test much of HD voice experience as there was a lack of other JIO numbers but in the limited time which I got, I could easily notice that Call quality was a bit different. There was this enhanced voice kind of thing which makes you feel that the other person has sent you some sort of recorded voice with some high-quality Audio mic.

One more amazing thing that I noticed was time taken in connecting the call. From a Jio  to Jio the call gets connected like in 1 or 2 seconds. That is really really fast. Even while calling some non Jio number you will notice that time taken in connecting was less.

How about Video call on Reliance JIO 4G?

Video call will be another big thing once you find yourself in the ecosystem of Reliance JIO. Just like the normal calls you can make Video calls too. This can be done right from the phone dialer and it is so neat and sharp.  Though you might feel that you have done better Quality calls with Skype etc over High-speed line but still on a daily Basis Jio has better quality.

I will blame poor LYF devices here for giving that shitty slow performance. So unless you get an open or unlocked Jio SIM and use it in Good devices, you must not expect big in Video Calls at least.

How is Signal Strenght or Coverage of Reliance JIO 4G?

Frankly speaking, Signal Strenght and Coverage reminded me of Reliance Communications. They both were as bad as RCom had. RCom was however not having bad strength but Reliance JIO is bad there too.

But WAIT. Before you reach to any conclusion, let me tell you something. Delay in Reliance Jio’s full swing launch is credited to this reason.  Reliance JIO, to increase its signal strength and expand its coverage, partnered with RCom and will use their 850 MHz band to provide that long stretch connectivity.  This makes sense as 850 MHz band can travel more distance than any other higher bands.

In our tests, we were having no option to wait till this merger happens so we kept reviewing the already available things. There were a few major problems due to this signal strength issue. Data speed was varying way more than expected. With a drop of like just 5% of Signal, the Data speed falls 30-35% and with the loss of 15-20% signal you are left with just 35-40% of the speed you can get. This is never observed on other Telecom operator.

I will update this section once I get my hands on to the new merged network of Reliance JIO. 

What are reviews of JIO Apps like Jio Chat, Jio Beats, Jio Mags, Jio Money etc?

Reliance Jio not only wants to bring in telecom company but also wants to create a JIO ecosystem and is leading towards that even before launch.  Apps like Jio Money, Jio Chat, Jio Beats etc are available to public from a long time now and they are getting regular updates which keep on increasing their worth. Though they are almost fully functional but we still have to wait if masses are ready to accept this new ecosystem and how they react to things.

Jio Play app Jio 4G Apps


With Jio Money having a lot of partners and Jio Beats having a lot of Music stuff they are in a position to take on their competitors but apps like Jio Play is just outstanding. It stands out of any of the existing live TV app and clearly wins the battle.

What are the Prepaid and Postpaid plans of Reliance JIO?

This is a question still unanswered. There is no comment by any official or nowhere Plans are written as of now. All the customers having a reliance Jio connection are enjoying everything for free as of now. Free 4G, Free Calls, Free roaming, Free SMS and even the Jio apps are free.

Yes, there will be both Prepaid and Postpaid connection types but as of now everyone is on a prepaid connection.

All the testing I have done was performed with a LYF device. At present, you need to have LYF device to use JIO connection. Here is a video explaining my experience with LYF Wind 4 and JIO. 

If you have any doubt or want to ask anything which is not covered above please let me know in comments section below. I will revert ASAP.

Reliance Jio asks for more Powerful Airwaves

The upcoming Pan India 4G service provider in India, Reliance Jio asked DoT today for more Powerful Airwaves of MWB frequency. MWB is basically the frequency used to connect towers. According to a leading newspaper Reliance Jio wants MWB frequency in 6 and 7 GHz band on a “Priority” basis.

Reliance Jio

MWB or Microwave BackBone frequency are the wavelengths with frequencies varying  between 0.3 GHz to 300 GHz. Reliance Jio was previously allotted 13 GHz and 18 GHz of MWA frequency carriers. But since it is not enough suitable for providing services in rural areas where towers need to be installed at longer distances.

“We require at least two MWB frequency carriers of 28 MHz paired bandwidth each in the 22 service areas in the 6 and 7 GHz spectrum band for point-to-point microwave backhaul links,” the company said in a request to the DoT.
“These being high frequency bands, the hop lengths are typically short due to the high atmosphere loss as well as high attenuation in rains. Therefore, their usage is limited to intra metro routes or for short distance backhaul only,” the company said.

Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio is making many effective efforts before launching their 4G services which would give them huge benefits in terms of Customer satisfaction. Recently Reliance Jio also got new Directors from the Ambani family itself.  With all these news coming daily level of curiosity is increasing in many telecom users and same are now eagerly waiting for the 4G launch by Reliance Jio.

Will the mobile Internet speed increase now?

Recently TRAI asked all the telecom service provider of India to ensure some points related to their Internet speed. Now telecom companies will have to provide the details of the minimum speed which users will receive after recharging with a Data pack. Not only this the companies will have to make sure that they are delivering that minimum speed for at-least 80% of the time. A major question after this decision comes to mind, Will the Mobile Internet speed increase now?

This step of TRAI is welcomed here. Till now the companies were playing fair tricks with the Indian customers. Companies like Tata Docomo were saying that they deliver the internet speed of 21 Mbps. While some were saying they deliver 14.2 Mbps and all were at least promising the speed of 7.2 Mbps. This was the scenario for both Mobile Internet and Data Card internet. I bet no one ever got the speed of 21 Mbps on their mobile or Data card in India (except 4G which is just used by a few thousand in India).

MTS which is one of the leading telecom provider in Data card market promise the speed of 9.2 Mbps with their data card. I tested myself and got 10% of the actual speed, when made a complaint to them they said you are getting the speed of 1 Mbps and that’s okay. So what a common man do now? Sit back and throw out your frustration somewhere else.

Though TRAI made a great move, now companies will set a minimum speed and will give it for 80% of the time but who will track that 80% uptime or that 20% downtime?  Moreover it  would be great if TRAI would have also made any comment on the minimum speed limit like they did for wireline broadband a few days back (TRAI made 512 Kbps as the minimum speed for Wireline Broadband).

And talking about the Downtime, according to my experience BSNL is the ISP with the highest time of downtime with their mobile Internet. They are down for 80% of the time. They also have call drops problem over their 3G network.

Moreover companies can still play fair tricks. 70% of us do not know the difference between kBps and kbps or the difference between MBps and Mbps. Companies take it as a plus point the always show their speed in Mbps and kbps.  Let me tell you the difference, the Capital ‘B’ stands for Byte and the small ‘b’ stands for bit. There are 8 bits in one byte (1 Byte = 8 bits), which mean a speed of 8 Mbps is actually a speed of 1 MBps. Lets get more clear,  A song is usually of 5 MB (5 MegaByte) which we can download with 20-25 kBps speed of a 2G connection in 3-4 minutes. That 25 kBps speed actually mean 200 kbps for the companies. In the same way the 7.2 Mbps speed is actually less than 1 MBps.

Users need to be aware on such fair tricks. TRAI may take more steps for better internet but until consumer get aware, companies will keep playing such more tricks and cheat you.


If you have any queries and suggestions for our blog, comment it below or mail us at [email protected] 

Reliance Jio on Final touch with 4G

Reliance Industries promoted Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited is now giving final touch to its 4G services launch. Company is all set to launch their 4G services in the first quarter of 2015. If no other company do it in middle, Reliance Jio will be the 3rd telecom company to launch 4G in India.

Reliance Jio, powered by Mukesh Ambani’s RIL is having pan India Broadband spectrum and they also have 1800 MHz spectrum in 14 telecom circles which they can use for voice calling purpose. Company is yet to revel  out the kind of services they will provide. Some sources say that they will be providing Data and voice services and some say they will be focusing on Data services only.

Apart from this, one thing is sure that Reliance Jio will be launching wire-line Broadband Services in Hundreds of Cities all together. They have set the basic Infrastructure for this also. Fiber lines, towers, etc are now everywhere in the hundreds of cities. Apart form the basic Infrastructure Reliance Jio developed on their own they also have access to more than 1,92,000 network sites from the network sharing deal they signed with RCom, Bharti Infratel, Tower Vision and Ascend Telecom.

Reliance Jio Tower Reliance Jio TowerReliance Jio Inside Reliance Jio  4G Tower

For now Reliance Jio has finished names of their Vendors, suppliers and promoters. They will be now looking on their promotions and marketing. But before the things come in real action there is a CAG report pending with DoT to reply. In the report CAG suggested DoT to cancel the Spectrum Licence Reliance Jio is having as that is illegal. (To read more about it, Click Here.)

Well definitely the legal things will wrap up soon and we will soon see some High speed Internet in all 2-tier and in many 3-tier cities of India. As a demo Some cities of Gujarat is already using Reliance 4G with the help of Gujarat government’s Internet scheme.

If you have any queries and Suggestions you can comment them below or mail them at [email protected]

Reliance Jio 4G in trouble again after CAG’s suggestion

On the one hand where Reliance Jio is working hard to launch its 4G services as soon as possible, CAG’s draft report put RIL again in trouble on other hand. Yesterday CAG drafted a report to DoT suggesting them to cancel the nationwide Broadband spectrum which was allotted to Reliance Jio (IBSPL earlier) back in 2010. This suggestion was made by saying that RIL violated the rules and allegedly rigged the auction.

For your knowledge we remind you that in 2010 when Pan India  BWA auction a company viz. Infotel Broadband services (IBSPL) won the PAN India BWA licence worth rupees of 12,847 Cr, which was 5000 times more than the net worth of company. When the action ended, Reliance Industries limited acquired the IBSPL on the same day.

The CAG said with its draft report that DoT in 2010 failed to recognize the rigging of the auction right from beginning of the BWA  auction in which a small ISP, Infotel Broadband Services (IBSPL) emerged winner of pan-India broadband spectrum by paying 5,000 times of its net worth.

When asked to RIL on this matter they said,”There is no final CAG report that we are aware of. That said we reject any suggestion whereby spectrum was acquired in any manner other than through a transparent bidding process duly supervised by Government of India.”

Summery of CAG’s Report on Reliance Jio

CAG said IBSPL was ranked 150th in the list of ISPs, submitted an earnest money deposit of Rs 252.50 crore through the covert and overt assistance of third-party / private bank, bid for Rs 12,847.77 crore (5000 times of its net worth) for pan-India spectrum and then sold the company on the day of completion of the auction

This indicated IBSPL’s collusion and sharing of the confidential information with a third-party in violation of auction conditions, said CAG.



In replay to that RIL spokesperson said,”EMD was based on specific deposit requirement for each telecom circle. Accordingly Infotel Broadband Services Pvt Ltd (IBSPL) submitted a Bank Guarantee of Rs 253 crore in format as prescribed in NIA. Since no money was deposited as EMD, the question of source of deposit does not arise.”


Well this is clear that both IBSPL and Reliance played a fair trick in the BWA spectrum of 2010 but its is still not looking illegal in any manner. Reliance Jio will be definitely worried right now but we will still have to wait and watch DoT’s reaction on this complete matter.