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Bharti Airtel, Largely known as Airtel is the most popular telecom brand in India with the largest user base. Head Quartered in New Delhi, Airtel was founded in 1995 and currently operates in over 20 countries across the globe.

Airtel Launches Payments Bank : All you need to know

Airtel has launched its Payments Bank in Rajasthan and will soon launch it nationwide. Many of us are still having so many doubts about the offerings of this new service. We even asked Airtel stores but even after the launch they are skeptical about its details. Let us clear some air.

What are payments Bank? 

Payments banks will be Virtual banks with facilities of Savings and Current account on board. They can not offer loans and Credit card. However, they can offer Debit card, Internet banking etc.  Reserve Bank of India gave this idea to India a few years ago.

What are limitations of Airtel Payments Bank? 

Airtel Payments Bank is not a full-fledged bank.  Maximum deposit in a day can not go beyond Rs. 49,990.  You can only do transactions of Rs 5,00,000 in a day. As per Payments Bank rules, Airtel can not offer any loans, credit or Credit cards via its Payments Bank. Below given are some other limits.

Airtel payments bank limits

Can I transfer Money to any Airtel Payments Bank user without any charges? 

Yes, Any transfers within Airtel Payments bank will be Instant and free of cost. Though it can not exceed limits of Daily Transactions as stated in the previous point.

Can I transfer money to any Real Traditional Bank account / Savings account / Current account? 

Yes, you can. But this attracts charges.  You need to pay as per the existing charges as given in Image below.  airtel-payments-bank-charges

These charges might change as PayTM has plans to launch Payments Bank soon and competition will surely play its part.

Can I use Airtel Payments if I don’t have Airtel Mobile Number? 

Yes, Airtel says you can. However, it has some restrictions as of now.  You might have to access Payments bank only via Airtel Money app as USSD code will not work from a number of any other operator.

How much time its takes to open an Airtel Payments Account? 

It just takes 4-5 minutes to open an Airtel Payments bank account if Airtel is believed.  The process of e-KYC has to credited for this.

What documents are required to open an Airtel Payments Bank account? 

You just need your aadhar card. You do not need to submit it there. It is all digital. They need only your aadhar number and you are done with formalities.

Where can one open this account? 

You need to walk to Airtel store for this. At present only stores is Rajasthan have this facility.

Do we get free Talktime / Minutes if we deposit money in Airtel Payments Bank?

Yes, If you have an Airtel connection then you get 1 free Local and STD minutes of every Indian rupee you deposit. If you deposit Rs 5000, you get 5000 minutes of free talktime.

But this is a promotional offer and you can get this benefit with your first deposit only.

Do we get Insurance cover with each Airtel Payments Bank account? 

Yes, Airtel is offering a personal accidental Insurance cover of Rs 1 lac with every savings account. Insurance is provided by Bharti AXA.

Can we have more than one account? 

No, You can not hold more than one account in Airtel Payments bank.

Will I get any Debit card or ATM card on my Airtel Payments bank account? 

No. However, Airtel can offer debit or ATM card in future as RBI has allowed payments Bank to offer Debit cards. But since they are based on the idea of Digital India, it is unlikely to happen.

How much interest Airtel will offer?

Airtel will offer Interest rate of 7.25 % per annum. However, there are no clear words over the question of how this amount will be credited. It may be credited quarterly.

Will there be any charge to access Airtel Payments Bank via USSD or IVR?

No, It will be all free. You can access via *400# or via IVR by dialing 400.

What happens to the existing Airtel money accounts? 

All the existing Airtel money accounts with retailers i.e.  Airtel Money Power account has been upgraded to Airtel Payments bank account. The other Airtel money accounts i.e. Express account needs to update e-KYC and move to Payments Bank facility.


If there are more questions in your mind, ask in the comments section and I will include them here.  

Airtel comes 10 GB 4G/3G data at cost of 1 GB

India’s Leading telecom provider Airtel has attempted one more indirect trick to tackle Jio. This is however limited to people who are purchasing a new 4G Handset.

Airtel has marked this offer as “10 GB 4G/3G data in just Rs 259/-“. Though it is not necessary that customers will get it in same rate in all circles. Price varies in all circles. Its simply the same old 1 GB 3G data recharge which you need to do and you will get 10 GB.

Steps to get 10 GB 3G/4G data at cost of just 1GB in Airtel

  • Get a new 4G Device. (Mandatory)
  • Insert Airtel 4G SIM in device within 30 days of purchase.
  • Recharge with regular 1 GB 3G/4G Data pack which cost between 250-265 INR.
  • You will get 1 GB data instantly.
  • Claim remaining data from My Airtel App.

Major terms and conditions for this offer

  • Your 4G device must be less than 30 days old.
  • You must have a 4G SIM.
  • You should recharge only the standard 1 Gb recharge.

This offer is also said to remain available for 2-3 months at least. This is no doubt an indirect approach to tackle Jio as any person buying any new 4G device today, hit to Jio SIM shop inorder to enjoy the free 4G data which Jio offers.

This offer is available in all telecom circles of India. Though Airtel has no 4G service in 4 telecom circles but you can use this same for 3G in such circles.

Airtel’s Open Network campaign is actually useful

Airtel’s new Open network campaign which is actually a part of already active project leap is turning useful for many Airtel and even non-airtel users.

With “Open Network” program Airtel is now allowing everyone to check out their network site’a location, all over India. One can check the nearest network site or can even see coverage of a particular location. There is a filter which let you select between 2G and 3G/4G coverage. You can also see if there is a requirement of Network site near you and above that you can help Airtel to deploy network site there.

Open Network


This Program is a part of Airtel’s revolutionary Project Leap, which has got a target of investing Rs 60,000 crore in building a robust network nationwide.

You can easily check coverage in your Area by clicking here or in your My Airtel mobile application. However on the app, you can not directly see the map but request for an email having snapshot of your location.

Airtel is at present the leading Telecom company of India and well aware of the fact that robust network all over India along with improved Data speed is the only thing that can help one to retain and gain consumers at present and will keep the revenue coming in future.

Though upcoming Reliance Jio is more focused on data but still they will have a hard time to even compete with strong Airtel Network. With even growing Domestic network Airtel is also expanding Internationally. Their recent partnership with a Gulf company has extended their reach in few gulf countries.

Airtel revised their 50% night Cashback offer

Airtel Last year launched an offer for all its prepaid customers where all the Data consumed by an Airtel user between 12am to 6am will be tracked and 50% of that will be credited back to user’s account.

This was free for all the prepaid users and they needed to activate that via a simple SMS or Miss call to 55555. This was then valid for one month and the customer can always reactivate that with the same process.

Last month Airtel revised this plans and added a more feature to it. Now the user will also get Night cashback of call he made in that time. (12am to 6am)

But the voice cashback of 50% will be given as free Airtel to Airtel Local seconds. Still it’s a welcome move and for all the night birds it is useful and gives them one more reason to love Airtel .

If you are yet not aware of this free offer by Airtel, you must not miss it.

Here are the steps to activate 50% Night cashback offer of Airtel:-

  • Give miss call to 55555 and get it activated.
  • Or Open SMS app and Type  <NIGHT>
  • Send NIGHT to 121.
  • You will get the confirmation shortly along with the expiry date.

Cashback will be given for any of you data plan speed. No matter its 2G or 3G or 4G. But if you are using a night plan of Airtel then cashback will not be given.

This is all about it and if you like this plan the mention your experience with it in comments. Also, You can ask your doubts here.

Airtel Unlimited incoming International roaming plans

Airtel users who travel frequently out of country especially to USA, UK, Thailand, UAE and Singapore have news to cheer. Airtel has launched new International roaming plans with amazing benefits.

Airtel’s Unlimited incoming international Roaming plan for USA

If you are traveling to United states of America, activate a plan of Rs 4999 and enjoy unlimited incoming for 30 days. Along with the free incoming, you get access to 3 GB data and 399 free calls to India.

Airtel’s limited incoming international Roaming plan for UAE (Dubai)

If you are traveling to UAE, activate a plan of Rs 3999 and enjoy 100 Minutes incoming free for 30 days. Along with the free incoming, you get access to 3 GB data and 399 free calls to India.

Airtel’s Unlimited incoming international Roaming plan for UK (England, etc)

If you are traveling to United Kingdom, activate a plan of Rs 4999 and enjoy unlimited incoming for 30 days. Along with the free incoming, you get access to 3 GB data and 399 free calls to India.

Airtel’s Unlimited incoming international Roaming plan for Thailand (Bangkok)

If you are traveling to India, activate a plan of Rs 2499 and enjoy unlimited incoming for 30 days. Along with the free incoming, you get access to 1 GB data and 299 free calls to India.

Airtel’s Unlimited incoming international Roaming plan for Singapore

If you are traveling to Singapore, activate a plan of Rs 2499 and enjoy unlimited incoming for 30 days. Along with the free incoming, you get access to 1 GB data and 299 free calls to India.

How to activate International roaming pack in Airtel?

International roaming pack in Airtel can be activated as follows for Postpaid customers:-

  • Log in to you Airtel account on Website or My Airtel App.
  • Click on My Account.
  • Click on Plan Details.
  • In Boosters Tab, Click on + icon.
  • Among boosters, find out desired International roaming pack and activate.

NOTE- Plan will be active for 180 Days once selected. It will be activated once you connect your SIM card to partner network in foreign country. 

Currently, this is only available for Postpaid customers. Prepaid customers need to recharge with appropriate plan after asking Customer care executive.

Steps to activate One day Internet pack in Airtel

The leading teleco of India, Airtel is having the largest customer base in country. They are now serving all the 3 generation of telephony  i.e.  2G, 3G and 4G. But yet there need is a long way for them to go in Data sector.

This post is about the simple steps telling how can one activate a one day Internet pack from his account balance. This daily data pack is also known as Rs 5 internet pack.

Activate One day Internet pack in Airtel from Account Balance

Step by step. 

  • Open Dialer and dial *222#.
  • After 5 seconds a message will flash which will be having certain options.
  • One will be 20 MB Internet for one day.
  • Reply that message with number written there.
  • On the next screen you will be asked to replay with 1 to activate that.

Direct step. (This process was last tested in August 2015)

  • Open Dialer and Dial *222*5#.
  • You will see a message flashing on screen then asking to proceed.
  • Press 1 to confirm and activate the One day Internet pack.

AvsHx0jHOhxcGIlsK9V3_FCj5tIs3hA6H1N3HNMccFjr Av2F2LKZkUjjWtD4z_O8vr-EGj0YwHIEfSXOfycvP6gI

NOTE:- This plan is not Auto renewal so you will not be charged again automatically. This will be applicable till 11:59 pm of same day. 


The above given codes work for all Airtel number in all the Indian states and Telecom circles. If any one of you face any difficulty in this or know any other way to activate such Daily packs, do inform us via comments below or mail us.

Manual APN settings for Airtel customers

Airtel is the largest telecom service provider in India. They are also leading TSP of Africa. There are millions of users in India who use Internet of their Smartphones and mobile devices with Airtel. Though in 90% of cases Smartphones automatically adapt them-self to correct set APN settings and let you use Internet flawlessly. But sometimes Internet settings do not turn up automatically, in that case, use the Internet or GPRS or Data Settings given below for your Airtel mobile.

The field highlighted in BOLD are the only main changes you need to do. The field which are not given below should be left empty.

Internet APN settings for Airtel

Name :- Airtel

APN or Access Point Name:-

MCC:-  404

MNC:- 70

APN Protocol:- IPv4


MMS APN settings for Airtel

Name :- Airtel MMS

APN or Access Point Name:-


MMSC Proxy:-

MMS Port:- 8799

Rest all should be exactly same as Internet APN settings.


Above given are the:-

  • Airtel Manual internet settings of Android.
  • Airtel Manual internet settings of Windows phone.
  • Airtel Manual internet settings of Blackberry 10.
  • Airtel Manual internet settings of Nokia.
  • Airtel Manual internet settings of Apple iPhone.
  • Airtel Manual internet settings of Data cards and dongles.

These Internet settings will work in following states.

  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Assam
  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Bihar
  • Chattisgarh
  • Goa
  • Gujarat
  • Haryana
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Jammu and Kashmir
  • Jharkhand
  • Karnataka
  • Kerala
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Maharashtra
  • Manipur
  • Meghalaya
  • Mizoram
  • Nagaland
  • Odisha
  • Punjab
  • Rajasthan
  • Sikkim
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Telengana
  • Tripura
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Uttrakhand
  • West Bengal

You can also get Internet settings by clicking here and logging in with your Mobile Number.

Airtel Postpaid : In Depth Review

Airtel is the leading Telecom service provider in India. Even after being GSM only TSP, Airtel is winning million of hearts with its reliable services and amazing network. Today we bring you the deep review of Airtel Postpaid services.

How Airtel Postpaid is Different?

Postpaid services by Airtel is now highly customizable. Earlier there use to be some plans to choose between, in which, you were having fixed benefits but now that is history. With Airtel, postpaid services are now super flexible. All credits of this flexibility go to Airtel’s MyPlan service and its MyPacks benefits.

What are Airtel MyPlan and MyPacks?

Airtel MyPlan is a postpaid plan of fixed monthly rental which includes several MyPacks in it. MyPacks are nothing else but a certain amounts of benefits in all the categories like 3G, 2G, Local minutes, STD Minute etc.

What is the value of one MyPack?

MyPack has different values in terms of different categories. Here is the complete list.

One 3G Data MyPack = 120 MB 3G Data.

One 2G Data MyPack = 240 MB 2G Data.

One local Minute MyPack = 90 Local Minutes.

One STD Minute MyPack = 75 STD Minutes.

One SMS MyPack = 200 Local & National SMS.

One Roaming MyPack = 40 Minute Outgoing call in Roaming.

One ISD MyPack = 5 Minutes UK/US/Canada calling.

Note:- The values of these myPacks can be different in different circles, above given are the values of Delhi NCR.

How does Airtel MyPlan work?

Initially, you have to select one myPlan among the 7 or 8 available. These my plans vary between 199 to 1599 INR. After selecting any myPlan (Suppose you have selected rs. 799 plan), select the myPacks from different desired categories. Plan 799 usually allow approx 30 myPacks (varies with Telecom circles).

You can also add several boosters like Night calling cards which are charged separately.

Here is a decent selection of MyPacks under 799 Plan.

myPlan Airtel Postpaid



Benefits of Airtel Postpaid MyPlan

  • Highly customizable.
  • Can be customized anytime in a month.
  • Decent benefits.
  • SMS alerts about the change in plans, if any.
  • Can start and stop many services by IVR or USSD itself.
  • Great Customer support.
  • Added benefits if you port in via MNP.

Limitations of Airtel Postpaid MyPlan

  • Can’t check how many minutes we have consumed.
  • Internet Data usage, however, can be tracked, but don’t provide real time results.
  • A bit more costly if compared to Reliance or Idea but they are not customizable.
  • MyPlan can’t be customized through my Airtel Application.
  • Late fee of Rs. 100 if you fail to pay bill on time, its just Rs. 10 in BSNL.

Quick and Overall Review of Airtel MyPlan

I have been using Airtel postpaid and its myPlan in Rajasthan telecom circle from last 3 months and I am pretty satisfied. I ported in from BSNL because of two main reason, its call drop problem over 3G networks and not friendly plan managing system (every-time I was supposed to go to the BSNL office for any change). My both problems were solved with Airtel and what I loved was its customized mode.

However, I know that I am paying a bit more for my plan as Reliance is offering similar things in less but I am a frequent traveler and Reliance is among the worst networks for travelers.


If you have any doubts or queries related to Airtel MyPlan then ask me in the comment section below.

How to activate one day Roaming pack in Airtel

Airtel is no doubt the best telecom service provider in India from all the angles. Though some people think it is not an affordable but the kind of customer service support, network availability and reliability Airtel gives can’t be matched with any other provider. Airtel is though not the only one to provide pan India services but every frequent traveler prefer Airtel due to its exceptional network coverage.

If you are roaming outside of your telecom circle, you may get additional charges for outgoing as well as Incoming calls. To avoid such charges for Incoming calls you can activate various packs. In case you are out just for one or two days you can activate a daily pack also.

Steps to activate one day Roaming pack in Airtel

Airtel is among the telecom providers which automatically sends you a SMS whenever you move out of your telecom circle. You will then get charged for Incoming calls. To avoid that you can activate a one day pack. Here are the steps:-

  • Create a new Message.
  • Type  ROAM.
  • Send it to 121.
  • You may be ask to confirm that in next message.
  • Reply that with Yes.
  • You will be given the following benefits then.
  1. All Incoming calls free till the pack expires. (10p/min in some circles)
  2. All local outgoing calls @ 80p/min.
  3. All STD outgoing calls @ Rs 1.15/min.

Remember the pack will be valid till mid night of the activation day.

There are more plans for longer term to see those plans you need to click here and select your circle.


The above method of activating one day Roaming pack in Airtel is valid for all the telecom circles in India except the remote states. A prepaid user of any circle can’t roam in Jammu and Kashmir.

If you have any doubts and suggestions then you can ask us in comments section below or mail us at [email protected]

Will the mobile Internet speed increase now?

Recently TRAI asked all the telecom service provider of India to ensure some points related to their Internet speed. Now telecom companies will have to provide the details of the minimum speed which users will receive after recharging with a Data pack. Not only this the companies will have to make sure that they are delivering that minimum speed for at-least 80% of the time. A major question after this decision comes to mind, Will the Mobile Internet speed increase now?

This step of TRAI is welcomed here. Till now the companies were playing fair tricks with the Indian customers. Companies like Tata Docomo were saying that they deliver the internet speed of 21 Mbps. While some were saying they deliver 14.2 Mbps and all were at least promising the speed of 7.2 Mbps. This was the scenario for both Mobile Internet and Data Card internet. I bet no one ever got the speed of 21 Mbps on their mobile or Data card in India (except 4G which is just used by a few thousand in India).

MTS which is one of the leading telecom provider in Data card market promise the speed of 9.2 Mbps with their data card. I tested myself and got 10% of the actual speed, when made a complaint to them they said you are getting the speed of 1 Mbps and that’s okay. So what a common man do now? Sit back and throw out your frustration somewhere else.

Though TRAI made a great move, now companies will set a minimum speed and will give it for 80% of the time but who will track that 80% uptime or that 20% downtime?  Moreover it  would be great if TRAI would have also made any comment on the minimum speed limit like they did for wireline broadband a few days back (TRAI made 512 Kbps as the minimum speed for Wireline Broadband).

And talking about the Downtime, according to my experience BSNL is the ISP with the highest time of downtime with their mobile Internet. They are down for 80% of the time. They also have call drops problem over their 3G network.

Moreover companies can still play fair tricks. 70% of us do not know the difference between kBps and kbps or the difference between MBps and Mbps. Companies take it as a plus point the always show their speed in Mbps and kbps.  Let me tell you the difference, the Capital ‘B’ stands for Byte and the small ‘b’ stands for bit. There are 8 bits in one byte (1 Byte = 8 bits), which mean a speed of 8 Mbps is actually a speed of 1 MBps. Lets get more clear,  A song is usually of 5 MB (5 MegaByte) which we can download with 20-25 kBps speed of a 2G connection in 3-4 minutes. That 25 kBps speed actually mean 200 kbps for the companies. In the same way the 7.2 Mbps speed is actually less than 1 MBps.

Users need to be aware on such fair tricks. TRAI may take more steps for better internet but until consumer get aware, companies will keep playing such more tricks and cheat you.


If you have any queries and suggestions for our blog, comment it below or mail us at [email protected]