BSNL Mobile Postpaid : In depth Review

BSNL is the state owned Telecom player of India. Though it is not leading one and neither in the top 3 list but still it provide all the kind of Telecom services. Including GSM, CDMA, Wire-line Broadband, Wireless Broadband etc.

Here we will tell you thee review of BSNL Mobile Postpaid after using it for more than 18 months.

BSNL is mainly used by Government officials only, Youth doesn’t have any good mindset about BSNL services. The company is continuously showing loss in its yearly and monthly revenues. Reason behind this is the poor way of operating its networks and week marketing strategy. However, BSNL still has decent offers in all its segments which make it different from all other Telecom Service Providers.

BSNL Postpaid at present offers 8 Postpaid plans in which two are specific to Roaming. They are as Follows:-

Benefits of Having BSNL Mobile Postpaid

  • Most Convenient Plans.
  • Great network reach as compared to price segment.
  • Never charge you wrong, not even a single penny.
  • Easy customer support (Will connect instantly for the first time in a day).
  • Least Roaming outgoing charges (in some plans its Zero)
  • Pan-India 3G presence.
  • You can track your usage online.

Limitations of BSNL Mobile Postpaid

  • Not much of variety in plans.
  • You can’t log any complaint to customer care on call as they will reject saying you are a postpaid customer and have to visit a nearest BSNL office.
  • One have to visit Nearest BSNL office  for every single request (For activating or Deactivating Data connection, for a change of plan or any specific pack.)
  • Apart from above thing, many times your visit to BSNL office is not fruitful as many of them don’t know how to active certain plans (Old and inexperienced guys are sitting there).
  • Calls over BSNL 3G networks drops on frequent locations, one has to switch to 2G to make an uninterrupted call. (The only big reason I switched to Airtel)
  • Though we can track usage online, but many times that portal keep saying that the information we provide is incorrect.
  • Not sure about the security money they charge. (I gave Rs.1000 whereas website and brochures were showing Rs. 500)

Overall Review of BSNL Mobile Postpaid

BSNL is, no matter a government initiative, for whom the sky is the limit to provide its best. But still, just like other govt schemes and services, BSNL is also rejected one.  You can have BSNL if you want it to make only calls. But if you want to use it for both Data and Voice services, I urge you to test BSNL prepaid services so that you can have an idea of the problems you may face.

In few words BSNL Mobile postpaid is good only if you want it for Voice services and if you are a frequent traveler.

If you want to know more about my experience with BSNL then write in a comment below or contact me via the Contact page. 

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