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Hathway Broadband Plans in Baroda

Last Updated:- January 2015. 

Baroda or Vadodara is one of the largest cities of Gujarat. It is a developed city in each and every aspects. Technology also have same kind of development here which is there for other sectors. Many Broadband providers blessed Baroda with their services. Hathway is also one of them. It provides its services in many of the localities of Baroda. Today we bring you all the available Baroda Hathway Broadband Plans.

Hyderabad Hathway Broadband Plans

Unlimited Plans

Plan Speed Usage 1 Month rental 3 Month rental 6 Month rental 12 Month rental
 Unltd 600  600 Kbps  Unlimited Rs. 550  Rs. 1400 Rs. 2500 Rs. 4500
 Unltd 1500  1.5 Mbps  Unlimited Rs. 1400  Rs. 3600 Rs. 6800 Rs. 12000
 Unltd 3000  3 Mbps  Unlimited Rs. 1600  Rs. 4300 Rs. 8200 Rs. 15000
 Speedway 2  2 Mbps.512 Kbps after

25 GB

 Unlimited NA  Rs. 1700 Rs. 3150 Rs. 5850
 Speedway 5  5 Mbps.512 Kbps after30 GB  Unlimited NA  Rs. 2300 Rs. 4100 Rs. 7750







Unlimited day and Night Download Plans

Plan Speed Usage 1 Month rental 3 Month rental 6 Month rental 1 Year rental
 Night 2 Mbps  2 Mbps in night.1 Mbps in day  Unlimited Rs. 600  Rs. 1600 Rs. 2800 Rs. 5500
 Night 1 Mbps  1 Mbps in Night.512 Kbps in day  Unlimited Rs. 500  Rs. 1250  Rs. 2200 Rs. 4000

Note :- Day Hours- 9 Am to 12 Midnight; Night Hours- 12 Midnight to 9 am.


Baroda Hathway Broadband Plans are given above. Hathway provide its Broadband services in various cities of India Viz. Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Surat, Pune, Goa, Vizag, Baroda, Aurangabad, Bhilai, Chandigarh. Above plans are for Delhi region only. To see plans of any other city click on home page and select broadband and city.

All the above plans were updated with full care from our side. Plans are subject to change without any prior notice.

If you have any doubt you can ask us in comment section below or write us at [email protected] .

8 thoughts on “Hathway Broadband Plans in Baroda”

  1. day /night plan for unlimited internet for 12-month & above .
    any sp. offer if any? and most important is about service ? beacuse every service provider agree to give best service but could not in reality. if service provider fail, then money back facelity is available ? Haw much ?

  2. I am a old Hathaway Bangalore user. I jus moved in Ahmedabad. Is it available in Ahmedabad?? If so plz provide me with cont no.

  3. Wanted unlimited internet plans for vadodara
    n pls provide baroda customer care number for new connection

  4. Wanted unlimited internet plans for vadodara
    pls provide customer care nuber of vadodara ,, for new connection

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