Airtel 3G WiFi Dongle : Plans and Details

After MTS and Tata Docomo, its Airtel who stepped in market of WiFi dongles. Airtel, yesterday announced it new WiFi 3G dongle which can be used just by plugging in to a USB power port. With this launch Airtel has become the first GSM telecom provider to launch such service in India.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nAirtel will be offering Airtel 3G WiFi dongle services both in prepaid and postpaid forms. Airtel promise that this dongle will give access to internet with the speed of 21.6 Mbps but such network is not available everywhere in India. Just like MTS MBlaze Ultra WiFi and Tata Photon Max WiFi, Airtel 3G WiFi dongle can also be used as WiFi hub just by plugging it in any USB port like charger etc. Device is capable to connect up to 5 WiFi device at a time. Unlike Tata or MTS WiFi dongles, this device has a Micro USB slot which support up to 32 GB. SMS Facility will be also available but can be used only when connected to Laptop.\r\n

Airtel 3G WiFi Dongle Postpaid and Prepaid Plans


Post Paid plan

\r\nThese are the Post paid plans Available for Airtel 3G WiFi Dongle. As a promotional offer there will be Rs. 100 cash back for 7 months.\r\n\r\nAirtel 3G WiFi Dongle Postpaid Plans\r\n\r\n \r\n

PrePaid plan

\r\nThese are the Prepaid plans Available for Airtel 3G WiFi Dongle. As Promotional offer user will get 3 GB (6 GB for Andhra and Mumbai) Data bundled when he/she buys the dongle.\r\n\r\nAirtel 3G wifi dongle Prepaid plans\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nAirtel 3G WiFi Dongle is now available at various store in Rs. 1500. To buy it or for more inquiry click here.\r\n\r\nAsk your query or given your suggestions for PlanDekho. Write us on [email protected] or comment below.

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  1. Airtel is very big network but in Yelhanka New Town Airtel Broad Band is nt available. This is very bad.

  2. I have a 3G dongle No 7259540068. I want to replace it with 3G Wi Fi dongle so that I can use it for mobile phone also. Let me know the amount I have to pay.

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