Airtel, Vodafone & Idea reduce data charges by 90%

Airtel, Vodafone and Idea recently reduced data charges by upto 90%. Check the post to know more.

The competition in the Indian telecom world is not a new thing to experience. Since over 10 years, the companies in the market are trying to prove themselves superior by showing a better plan for their consumers. That is one of the reason why India’s first and only public sector telecom company (BSNL) is nowhere n the top 3-4.

The competition started when companies realized that providing cheaper call rates and more validity to the  consumers could result in a number of subscribers, it began in 2002 when the rate cutter plans were launched and the validity was increased from the typical every month topup.

Time passed by, and call rates were so competitive, that companies launched pay per second plans. Well, that was not enough, as within no time, the call rate came down to as low as 25p/min. The revolution in the telecom sector did influence data and SMS also. At one point,  unlimited (at least 500 SMS/day) were provided without any cost and people thought that it was worthless as there was no value for those text messages.

The time changed again, companies started to complain about the falling revenue and requested TRAI (Telecom Regulation Authority of India) to change the rules so that they can increase call, SMS and data cahrges and earn more revenue from the same number of consumers. It was a year back.

In the last one year, call rates have increased dramatically, from a mere 1p/2sec, it increased to 2p/sec in no time, SMS limit was cut down and only 100 SMS are free today, all SMS after that are charged at standard rates, i.e. 1Rs for local and 1.5 for STD. Data rates are nowhere behind.

Providers like Aircel made a big impact after launching their totally unlimited GPRS pack at just Rs 98, the data pack went viral in no time and people made it the most popular data plan ever in the history on Indian telecom. But today, even Aircel is providing 2GB in the same data pack, the condition of other providers s even more worse, where consumers get an average of 1GB data at over 100 Rupees.

That was one of the reason why 3G could not become so popular in India, but now, once 4G is in the market, conditions are looking pretty better.

In separate announcements over last few days, 3 of the leading telecom service providers in Indian market have reduced the data charges by up to 90%. The 3 telecom companies in this list are Vodafone, Airtel and Idea. The default data charge for almost all the telecom providers was 1p/1kb which has now been reduced to 1p/10kb.

This seems to be just a beginning of the bright future of data sector in mobile device. Keeping our fingers crossed, lets wait for the next official announcement and I will update you all here on this blog. Stay tunes.

Kunwar Prithvi Singh Chauhan

Kunwar Prithvi Singh Chauhan is a teenage guy, at this point of time he is 18. He started his first blog when he was 9. He is a full time blogger at Commenti, and he writes for several other blogs as a guest blogger. +KunwarPrithvi

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