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Airtel’s Open Network campaign is actually useful

Airtel’s new Open network campaign which is actually a part of already active project leap is turning useful for many Airtel and even non-airtel users.

With “Open Network” program Airtel is now allowing everyone to check out their network site’a location, all over India. One can check the nearest network site or can even see coverage of a particular location. There is a filter which let you select between 2G and 3G/4G coverage. You can also see if there is a requirement of Network site near you and above that you can help Airtel to deploy network site there.

Open Network


This Program is a part of Airtel’s revolutionary Project Leap, which has got a target of investing Rs 60,000 crore in building a robust network nationwide.

You can easily check coverage in your Area by clicking here or in your My Airtel mobile application. However on the app, you can not directly see the map but request for an email having snapshot of your location.

Airtel is at present the leading Telecom company of India and well aware of the fact that robust network all over India along with improved Data speed is the only thing that can help one to retain and gain consumers at present and will keep the revenue coming in future.

Though upcoming Reliance Jio is more focused on data but still they will have a hard time to even compete with strong Airtel Network. With even growing Domestic network Airtel is also expanding Internationally. Their recent partnership with a Gulf company has extended their reach in few gulf countries.

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