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Airtel Broadband introduces 40Mbps internet in Hyderabad

Airtel launched 40Mbps internet in Hyderabad starting from Rs 3299. Check inside for more details.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nAirtel (One of the best Internet Service provider in India after BSNL) became the first ever in Hyderabad to provide 40Mbps internet based on VDSL (Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line). VDSL is the most innovative form of data transfer in wireline internet and Airtel is the only one using this technology till now.\r\n\r\nAt the starting, Airtel has given choice to the users to choose from several plans. The tariffs and benefits of those plans are listed below\r\n\r\n1. Ultrasonic 3999 : This plan has a tariff of Rs 3999 per month and it offers 200GB data at 40Mbps and 2000 local and national voice minutes.\r\n\r\n2. Ultrasonic 3299 : With a monthly rental of Rs 3299, this plan offers 100 GB data at 40 Mbps and 1000 free local and national minutes.\r\n\r\nAlong with the internet, there will be several VAS (Value Added Services) like AntiVirus, Parallel Ringing, Unlimited games, free website which are provided by Airtel itself.\r\n\r\nTo use Internet at such High Speed, consumers will have to buy VDSL internet router. So, if you are ready to experience this blazing fast internet in your city, then just call your local retailer and get it installed today itself.

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