Aircel launches SIMPOSSIBLE – Get FREE Talktime, SMS and Data Everyday

Aircel Launched SIMPOSSIBLE with full of creativity, free talktime, SMS and Data. Click inside to know more.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nTo see latest and updated plans of Aircel, Click Here.\r\n\r\n\r\nRecently, a new start up has been launched into the market named as SIMPOSSIBLE Beta – free connectivity made possible. This start up is still in Beta Stage. SIMPOSSIBLE is available in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh over Aircel network. According to the information available on their website, SIMPOSSIBLE is an idea of 5 enthusiastic folks from telecom industry.\r\n\r\nThis is a very cool service which is mainly youth focused. This service can be compared to an old Aircel service called Blyk when Aircel gave freebies with Ad Promotions, but for this service there will be no subscription fee, It will be absolutely free.\r\n\r\nTo start this service, you will need to register on the website. Website for SIMPOSSIBLE is . If you do not have an Aircel SIM card, you will need to register as a new user, fill out your details and the representative will come to your doorstep to collect the Identity and Address proof. If you have an Aircel SIM card, then you can simply fill the form on the website for existing Aircel users and within 4 hours the service will be activated on your number.\r\n\r\nSIMPOSSIBLE has been launched with 3 initial plans, the details of all those 3 plans are listed below\r\n\r\nTo see latest and updated plans of Aircel, Click Here.\r\n

Simple Free

\r\nThis will be a free SIMPOSSIBLE plan and you need not to pay a single penny for it. You will have to give 5 friends number who are using SIMPOSSIBLE network and everyday you will get 1 minute to call on each number, along with it 5 Local and National SMS and 5 MB data everyday will be given. Once the promotional usage is over, the call charges will be Local Aircel – 25paise/minute, Local other at 35paise/minute, STD at 55paise/minute and data usage at 10paise/kb. Local SMS will be charged at Rs 1/SMS and STD messages will cost Rs 1.5/SMS. Benefits provided might sound silly, but this is enough when you are actually not paying anything.\r\n

Premier Recharge

\r\nTo avail this option, you will need to recharge with Rs 109. It will give you 400 free local minutes, 100 Local and STD SMS per day and 500 MB 3G data valid for a month. After the benefits have been used, the call charges will be 20paise/minute for Local Aircel calls, 30paise/minute for Local calls to other mobile operators, STD calls at 555aise/minute and data charges will be 10paise/10kb. All the SMS (Local and national) will be charged flat at Rs.1/SMS.\r\n

Platinum Recharge

\r\nThe best of all 3 recharges is available at Rs 209 per month. After recharging with this plan, you will get 100 Local minutes to Aircel, 400 Local minutes to other operators and 100 National minutes. 100 Local and National SMS and Unlimited 3G (600MB at 3.6 mbps and then 128 kbps) are also included in this plan. After the free usage, Local Aircel call rate will be 20p/min, Local call to other operators will be 30p/min and STD call rate will be 55p/min. SMS will be charged at 50p/SMS for all the National SMS.\r\n\r\nTo see latest and updated plans of Aircel, Click Here.\r\n\r\nOnce you are a SIMPOSSIBLE subscriber, you will get full talktime on every topup recharge.\r\n\r\nIf you refer a friend to SIMPossible, you will get 5 minute call to him for free everyday. You can refer unlimited number of friends and create a community. In the community, you will daily get 5 minutes free to call the people you have referred. The person whom you have referred will also get 5 minutes free daily to talk to you.\r\n\r\nLoyalty program and redemption the SIMPossible points\r\n\r\nYou will get points on each referring and you can redeem those points. Details are shown below.\r\n\r\nLoyalty Program SIMPOSSIBLE AIRCEL\r\n\r\nIf you need any other detail, you can call at 8553002323 (SIMPOSSIBLE Bangalore Office) or 9700102323 (SIMPOSSIBLE Hyderabad Office). If you already got a SIMPOSSIBLE activated number, you can call 59432.

2 thoughts on “Aircel launches SIMPOSSIBLE – Get FREE Talktime, SMS and Data Everyday”

  1. Hi,\r\n\r\nI’ve tried getting a simpossible sim by registering for it thrice. The first time, i was told that it cant be delivered to my area so i registered with my work address the second time. The third time i decided to pick up from the store. I couldn’t locate the store and no one was picking up the phone on the number given. The address on the website is also really vague. All three times, no one called me to verify my details and inform me about the order. Infact i called the call center to ask for the exact location. I was told that i would be smsed the directions but that sms never came.\r\n\r\nAll this has led me to believe that getting SIMPOSSIBLE is IMPOSSIBLE. Great job guys! Kudos on spending all the time and money creating and marketing a service and not putting in the processes to ensure bare minimum operational infrastructure.\r\n\r\nCheers,\r\nAnuraj\r\n9740868300

    1. The issue seems really strange. We had ordered one SIMPOSSIBLE sim for testing purposes, and it was delivered in 5 days after ordering. Did you try emailing the customer support team on the ID given on website?

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