List of all Aircel Pocket Internet plans, Post FUP speed at 64kbps

List of all Aircel Pocket internet plans according to the latest announcement. Check inside for details.

In a recent revision, one of the leading telecom company of India, Aircel revised all the data plans they had under their belt. According to the announcement now, Aircel has started giving 3G speed even to 2G plans, if you have a 3G compatible handset. BSNL and Airtel were already providing 3G speeds with their 2G data packs and now Aircel has joined the list.

The new revision by Aircel has been done in selected circles and there is huge deduction of the data and the validity from the existing packs. One day data pack, which was priced at Rs 5, now gives 30Mb data compared to 50Mb it used to give before. The unlimited data plans for 3 and 7 days which are priced at Rs 14 and 29, now offer 120Mb and 200Mb data respectively. This proves that the leader in the data revolution in India is also somewhere down the line competing with other telecom providers in order to hike the data prices and earn more profits.

Below is a screenshot taken from Aircel’s official website

Sorry for the inconvenience but The below given plans are changed now. To see latest updated Aircel plans Click here and select your state. 


This screenshot seems a bit confusing, because it says the speed in the limited data plans, which are eventually 2G plans will be 64 Kbps. This means that the users will be provided Internet access on 3G network with 2G speed. Even in the 3G data packs, post FUP speed will be 64 Kbps which was 128Kbps earlier.

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