How to transfer Balance from Tata Docomo to Tata Docomo

This post will guide you with the procedure of how to Transfer balance from tata docomo to another tata docomo number.

If you are a Tata Docomo subscriber, then you can now transfer money from your number to your friends number who is also using Tata Docomo. In a new service which is available over almost all the telecom networks. However, to transfer balance, you need to comply with certain conditions.

Conditions to transfer Balance from Tata Docomo number

  • You need to be a Tata Docomo customer for at least 90 days, and the guy receiving the amount should be Tata Docomo subscriber for at least 30 days.
  • The maximum amount which can be transferred in a single transaction is Rs 50, however, the minimum amount which could be transferred is Rs 5.

How to transfer Balance from Tata Docomo number to another Tata Docomo number

TO transfer balance, you will need to send an SMS after typing BT<SPACE>Mobile Number<SPACE>Amount to 54321 . The SMS will be charged at Rs 1 for all the transactions.

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